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April Plans (2017)

Do you have signs of spring where you live? We still have a BUNCH of snow, so let’s get into discussing the April plans and dream of spring together :)

Do you have signs of spring where you live?  Maybe some flowers coming up, or you’re starting to get the garden ready for planting?  Here in Northern Ontario, spring means that you can finally see a bit of grass as the snow slowly melts.  So obviously I had to share a picture of the only visible grass in our whole yard haha!  Let’s get into discussing the April plans and dream of spring together :)

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March Recap

We completed some heftier projects in the basement, like installing the board and batten staircase and finishing the tongue and groove panelling.  I also added some slipcovers to the sofas and shared some before and after pictures of the space.

We still need to add blinds downstairs, so I rounded up some nice curtain hacks while I was thinking of window treatments.  My favourite, most-recent DIY would have to be this cool striped stool and I love how it fits in our living room.  Last weekend I shared my moodboard for our future laundry room, so hopefully we can start that room before 2020 haha!

Off-the-blog I went on vacation to IRELAND!  I’ll have a full recap post next week, and I have a lot of photos to go through…

Book(s) Read:

I finished reading Execution: The Art of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan and just started Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

I made the mistake of thinking I was going to get a lot of reading done while I was on vacation, but unfortunately that did not happen…


Minimalist Goals

Items Removed

  • Broken baby toy/table
  • Sweaters + shirts
  • PJs

Items Added

  • Furnace filters
  • Baby keyboard

I’m doing okay with my Lent no-spending challenge, but I did have to buy a couple of necessary items (not counting the money I spent on my trip).  Apparently our furnace wasn’t working for a few weeks as I noticed at the start of the month that the thermostat was always on 61 degrees (not what we have it set to).  The low battery sign was on, so when we got back from our trip, I put in some new batteries.  A few days later it was still 61!  Long story short, the filter needed to be replaced a while ago, and it had gotten so dusty that the furnace overheated and shut off.  We got it restarted, and I obviously needed to pick up some new filters!

This table needs to be fixed (and check out the freezing rain icicles!)

This table needs to be fixed (and check out the freezing rain icicles!)

April Plans

I’ll be spending some time at my brother’s house this month because I am updating his bathroom as part of the Spring One Room Challenge.  We also started his kitchen renovations way back when, and apparently he wants that completed too…  (Haha it’s functional – just all the finishing touches that take a long time).


With all the sunny weather we’ve been having lately, I’m also itching to get outdoors and start on some projects around the yard!  Unfortunately, that means that I’ll have to wait for the rest of the snow to melt… so hopefully you have better weather and can get all your April plans completed :)



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