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April (Snow) Showers Bring…

My monthly update for April 2015 (which just happens to be Easter weekend this year).

The first weekend in April this year also happens to be Easter weekend.  And, although we had some nice weather on Good Friday, the start of April has been kind of yucky: mostly snow and rain so far.  Because we are planning on doing a lot of work outdoors this year landscaping and such, I have dedicated the month of April to do all my planning.  Problem is, we still have so much snow so it’s really hard to envision any grass!  Here’s hoping we get some warmer weather so all the snow can melt…

My monthly update for April 2015 (which just happens to be Easter weekend this year).

As mentioned, in April I will be discussing our plans for the front yard and walkway, the back deck, and maybe even talk about my ideas for our garden this year (hint: I want to build some raised beds).  But, before we get too much ahead of ourselves, let’s look back at March and all the things I blogged about and planned to do then!

At the last minute, I also decided to bake and decorate some yummy funfetti cupcakes for my birthday.  On last month’s overview post, I mentioned that I was reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben, and had started looking at all the things I owned with the hopes of living a more minimalist lifestyle by eliminating those things that I no longer use and need.

Since February, I had wanted to go through all my clothes as part of my normal spring cleaning, and I’ve managed to remove two full garbage bags of things I no longer wear.  My plan was to be able to take out one dresser from our bedroom (the Husband and I each have our own dresser, one wardrobe each, and we sort of split the closet).  Basically, there’s so much furniture in there, which is really pointless since it’s pretty much impossible to wear that much clothes!

For one month, I had emptied out my drawers and moved all my clothes to boxes.  Whenever I wore something new, I would remove it from the box, wear it and wash it as normal.  In the end, I still had some stuff in boxes, therefore I knew I didn’t need that stuff.  Conversely, there is some clothes that I didn’t get a chance to wear at all (ie: shorts and summer stuff) so I will have to wait until it’s warmer to actually go through them (well, minus the stuff that I knew I didn’t wear last summer and would probably not wear again).

My monthly update for April 2015 (which just happens to be Easter weekend this year).

So that’s it, a review of the month of March and a glimpse of my plans for April.  Now, all I need is for all this yucky white snow to go away so I can get a better idea of what I’ll be working with yard-wise, and we’ll be all set!  What about you, what are your plans for April, and do you still have a lot of snow in your yard?


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    April 6, 2015 at 1:18 am

    no snow out this way, i’m certainly grateful for that. I look forward to seeing what your new garden and landscape will look like.

    • Reply
      April 9, 2015 at 8:22 pm

      It seems like Northern Ontario gets all the snow :( I’m just hoping we have a nicer summer than last year so I can actually setup the new garden and landscaping!

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