Changes… they are a coming!

Quick updated about what will be happening on the blog. Moving from Q-Schmitz Home Design & DIY to Madness & Method in late 2016

I’m here today with a quick hello (hey everyone!) and also an update to let you know what will be happening here within the next little while.  For everyone who’s been a loyal reader (that’s you Moms) I do have to let you know that changes are coming to this ‘ole blog of mine!

What changes you may ask?

Well for starters, in a few months this blog will no longer be called the Q-Schmitz Home Design + DIY Blog.  Let’s be honest, can anyone pronounce (let alone spell) my last name?  I’ve hopefully come up with a better name that is easier to remember (and spell)… and you’ll just have to wait to find out what it is :)

I’ll be continuing my twice-a-week posting schedule as before, and I’m pretty sure that everything will be pretty much the same content-wise as it has been.  So if you’ve grown to love my incessant blabbing and sometimes helpful DIY advice… then have no fear!

Now, in case you don’t know, changing over a blog (which includes migrating ALL the content I currently have) to a new site is time consuming.  So please hang with me the next little while as I work on setting things up and getting things running smoothly.  I’ll let you all know when everything switches over, and there will most likely be some issues we will have to deal with when that time comes.

I’ll also need to change all my social media names at that time – but that’s one of the later things to get updated.

What’s also NEW!?

A newsletter!  For all those who would prefer blog updates straight to your email inbox… I’ve got you covered!

Please sign-up now so you don’t forget, and hopefully I can get some newsletter content up and running to you soon :)

Now, I’m giving everyone ample amount of time to absorb this news so that (hopefully) you’re not confused when everything is said and done.  I’m hoping to have everything completed before the new year – and that way we can start/continue 2017 fresh (holy… 2017 is coming already!).

So, just a quick little post today and I’ll leave everyone with the reminder to sign-up for the newsletter (fill out the info above^) and you can always follow on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see what I’m up to :)

Thanks for visiting!


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