DIY Work Division

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

Today I want to share a little bit of information about myself and the Husband.  Maybe silence the haters?  Okay, I probably don’t really have any haters (or do I?!?!?) BUT I did want to talk about something a bit different, but still very much DIY related.  A little behind the scenes of my life if you will?  It all started with an innocent comment…

The other day, someone said something to me along the lines of “you come up with all the ideas and your husband does all the work”.

I tried to politely smile, and probably got out a mumbled “Not exactly…”

While in my mind I was thinking “WHAT. THE…”

You see, for someone to just assume that I sit back and order the Husband around is a bit… stereotypical perhaps?  Ya… that’s a nicer way to put it I guess…

Just because I am a girl, does not mean I can’t do any renovation work.

A bit about me: I’m the type of person who will avoid an argument if I can, especially if I don’t have all the facts.  If I know wholeheartedly that something is true, heck I’ll argue about it then.  But until I have information to back something up, I’ll usually keep quiet (then go home and research a BUNCH!).

There are some people who will argue about things that are wrong, just for the sake of arguing (or maybe they think they’re right).  But we’re not really talking about that today, okay?

I would rather avoid talking about things I don’t know too much about, and focus on the things that I care about.  You want to talk about paint colours or need help figuring out a DIY project?  I’m here to help!

This brings me to the point of this post! (Finally, right?)

DIY Work Division

AKA: How we do DIY projects around here (aka-2 how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I.)

Now, because I mentioned that I like to research a topic a bit before I discuss it, I figured it would only make sense to ask the Husband how he thinks the work is divided up too.  I mean, obviously if I’m the only one coming up with the data, then it’s going to be a bit biased.

(And there’s also the chance that the Husband thinks he does all the work too, so didn’t want to upset him by saying I do everything hahahaha!)

SO!  My super scientific method was to come up with a list of all the types of work that we do around here.  I gave the list to the Husband and had him give percentages to each of us, of how he saw the labour divided (and I did the same).  We then pooled our lists together and I made a handy graph to show the results!

DIY Work Division Categories

  • Projects
    • Idea Generation / Design
    • Demolition
    • Framing
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Floor Removal
    • Floor Installation
    • Drywall Installation
    • Drywall Mudding
    • Priming/Painting
    • Trim Install
    • Trim Finishing
    • Furniture Assembly
    • Final Touches
  • Miscellaneous
    • Heavy Lifting
    • Digging/Excavating
    • Project Cleanup

And here is a breakdown of the graph with the answers:

Notes: The Husband’s majority is on the left side, and mine is on the right.  How I voted is shown in purple, the Husband is green and the gray is the average of our answers.  I also have the higher percentage shown on the side that corresponds to the “winner” of that category.  Unless you think doing physical labour is not winning?

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

Idea Generation:  I get most of the credit for this, and like I mentioned this week, a lot of the projects that get done around here are because I want them to happen… not the Husband.

Demolition: The Husband does more of the hammer swinging and muscle work, but I do help when I can!

Framing: This was probably the category which we differed the most in our answers.  He does the bulk of the framing, but I thought that I helped out more than he remembers it…

Electrical: Well he thought he was 100%, but I did remind him that I helped 50% with the LED install in the kitchen and I probably change more light bulbs around here…

Plumbing: Ya, we both know I help 0% on this one haha!  But I have been known to hold a pipe or two if he needed it (which obviously doesn’t count).

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

Floor Removal: Another category that had some big margins.  He remembers doing the bulk of the work, I remember him going off camping while I removed a layer or two of floors in our kitchen (and lots of carpet in our previous house).

Floor Installation: Score one for the wife!  While we’ve installed tile 99% of the time, I am the one who calls all the shots on this, and he is there to help cut tiles if I need it

Drywall Installation: This one was pretty even, after all it’s pretty hard to hang a sheet of drywall yourself.

Drywall Mudding: But once those sheets are up, it’s pretty much all me that’s involved in patching them, sanding them, etc.

Priming/Painting: Same for this, I think he’s helped roll some paint before, but don’t know if he’s ever used a brush (shhh! don’t tell him I said that)

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

Trim Install: We haven’t done too much trim work in our days, so this is the basics of measuring, cutting the trim, nailing it in.

Trim Finishing: He gave me 100% in this category, I was a bit nicer and thought that maybe he helped (but looking back I can’t really remember when that would have been!)

Furniture Assembly: This category is here because of all the work we did assembling Ikea cabinets.  Close to even, but he thinks he did more, while I assumed closer to 50/50.  He obviously forgot that I put on all the doors, but maybe that doesn’t count?

Final Touches: Maybe installing doors are final touches to him?  I view these as installing handles, hanging art, moving furniture in place, basically miscellaneous stuff that happens when the room is complete.

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

This is the “Miscellaneous Extras” category…

Heavy Lifting: Yes yes, he does more of that around here (due to logistics and size obviously!)… but 100% of the heavy lifting?  Umm, probably not…

Digging/Excavating: He also did more of the work for this type of task, but I definitely hold my own!

Project Cleanup: Well we had both voted me higher for this, but then I reminded him I put more percentage to his side because he went to the dump more… he then thought he deserved a lot more points!  (Please dearest, you went two times more than me, calm down…)


When looking at our scores for each other, the Husband approximated he did about 55% of the work (the large numbers in green at the bottom of the graphic above) where I was closer to 52% for him and 48% to me.

In the end, we’re SO close, and I can pretty much sum up that anything in the mid-50s is close enough to half that we can say we’re even right?  I mean, no crazy 75% for the Husband, so we were pretty accurate in our results!

Here is the large list if you wanted to compare everything together:

Today I want to talk about the DIY work division in our house (basically how the DIY work is divided between the Husband and I).

*Obviously dividing the list by just the two of us assumes that we are the only ones who contribute to doing these projects.  At various times, for many different projects we have had people come in and help us.  THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH AGAIN!!!

(But you didn’t make the list… sorry!)

What I’ve always tried to do while blogging, is to describe the projects as accurately as possible.  I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking I am a one-person show around here, or that I just lounge around and make the Husband do everything.

The only time I lounge around is when my parents come over.

And then I revert back to a child and make them do everything for me.

I figure they love me lots and love taking care of me :)

(No matter what they say otherwise!)


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  • Reply
    Louise aka Mommy
    January 9, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Yes we love you lots .. but one of these days we will just lounge around and drink beer on your porch, with no project done before that!

    • Reply
      January 11, 2016 at 6:54 pm

      Yep, and then there will be grand-children to look after of course!

  • Reply
    January 12, 2016 at 12:53 am

    That’s quite the study you’ve created. I don’t know how ours would break down, but I can say that I enjoy electrical work more than my husband so I do all of that. I also plan everything and can’t think of a time where I didn’t help with a project I suggested. You should share this post with the person who said you didn’t do any of the work!

    • Reply
      January 16, 2016 at 8:18 am

      The Husband thought I was being too passive-aggressive with this post, but I think he changed his mind once he saw that he was “voted” the higher contributor. Good job on the love for electrical work! I would do it more if there wasn’t the imminent danger of electrocution…

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