Layout Planning FAQ

Looking for design services and/or had more questions about layout planning?  Check out the questions below, and contact me if you are looking for something in particular!

Why do I need a room layout/floorplan?

If you want to buy new furniture or make sure the furniture that you already have will fit into a new space (or with a new configuration), then you may need to create a floorplan!

How do I measure a room?

I wrote a post here outlining the steps to measure your room and create a rough plan.  All you really need is a measuring tape and something to write on/with, it’s a lot easier than you think :)

How can I create a to-scale drawing?

Check out this post for more info on drawing a to-scale floorplan using graph paper.  For most applications, a to-scale drawing on paper will be all you need to get started with your remodel or re-arranging project!

Can you help me create a floorplan on the computer?

Yes!  I offer a variety of design services, including layout planning :)  I will provide a scaled computer drawing of your room with a few furniture placement options (or whatever you would like).  Layout planning can be customized to what you want, so contact me if you want to set something up.

What’s the difference between Layout Planning and Design Drafting?

On my Design Services Page, I have layout planning and design drafting as two separate items.  While they are similar, design drafting provides renovation-ready plans that can be used for construction projects.

If you live in Ontario, Canada, I can provide drawings that you can submit to get a building permit.  As long as your project meets certain requirements without the need of an architect (typically below 3 stories and less than 600m2).

Do you help with the Ikea (or another) Kitchen Planner?

I LOVE kitchens, and I’ve already designed three Ikea kitchens so far.  While using the Ikea Home Planner is fun for me, I know that not everyone has the patience to plan their kitchen themselves :)

If you have an upcoming kitchen project, I would certainly love to help plan your cabinet configuration!

How do I hire you!?

In most cases, you’ll need to have a rough outline of your room (see “how do I measure a room”) and an idea of what you are looking for.  Feel free to check out the Design Services Page for pricing, or contact me and we can chat about what you need!