Design Services

It’s been my goal to try and always provide value, whether it’s a handy DIY tip, small project that you can do at home, or good information (or inspiration) when I show the renovations we do.

I want to be your go-to source when you’re starting your own projects and would love to help you design the home of your dreams :)

So, I’m now offering a variety of design services!  Check out the options below, or feel free to contact me if you had something else in mind.

Renovation Mockups

My educational/professional background is in Multimedia Design and I’d LOVE to help you envision your space using my skills :)  Want to know what your kitchen will look like if you paint your cabinets?  Send over a picture and I can create a photo-realistic representation so you can try out a look or two before committing to anything permanent.

Other mockup examples include designing built-ins, evaluating flooring choices, testing wallpaper options in your space – whatever you can think of!

Renovation Mockup services start at 65$/photo.

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Looking for moodboards or interior decorating help?  I can certainly help with those too, send me an email if you had something in mind.

Single-Room Layout Planning

I’ve been re-arranging furniture for as long as I can remember (seriously, as soon as I could move the couches, I would set them up in a different place every week!).  Do you know what’s better than moving hundreds of pounds of furniture around?  Sketching out the ideas on paper or the computer to come up with the best solution!

2D room layout planning is especially helpful when you’re in the beginning stages of a project and are just starting to source furniture.  It’s much easier to know ahead of time whether a certain piece will fit in the space.

Layout Planning services start at 115$/room.

I will provide a scaled computer drawing of your room with a few furniture placement options.

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Multi-Room Design Drafting & Renovation Plans

Planning an upcoming renovation?  Design drafting provides a more in-depth 2D layout of your space and can include lighting/electrical plans, material specifications, or anything else you may need for a major renovation.

For those living in Ontario, Canada, I am a registered Ontario Building Code designer and can create design plans for your home remodelling projects.

Renovation-Ready Design Drafts start at 175$

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Looking for custom building plans?  I would LOVE to help you design your dream home, just send me an email and we can discuss how to work together to plan the home you want and need!