Raised Ranch Home Tour

raised ranch exterior

We bought our third home, a raised ranch in a small community in Northern Ontario, in March 2020.  See the original home tour post here

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Raised Ranch Upstairs

raised ranch home tour upstairs layout

Our raised ranch is approximately 1100sqft, and has the typical split entry with a staircase going up, and one going down. 


raised ranch indoor entry

Most of the entry was improved when we updated the front door.


raised ranch tour living room

Most of the upstairs had painted subfloors at the time of possession.  But we’ve since added a dark wood-look vinyl plank.  The most up-to-date living room photos are here.


raised ranch tour office

We carved out a tiny space for an office in between the living room and dining room.  Read more about the office and plant shelves here


raised ranch tour dining room

The dining room is located in the corner next to the kitchen.


raised ranch tour kitchen

The kitchen has remained mostly unchanged from when we moved in.  We have big plans for this space, including removing the two walls that block it in!


raised ranch tour bathroom

The main bathroom is located next to the kitchen, near all the bedrooms.

Félix Room

raised ranch tour nursery

Each of the bedrooms had similar mid-toned laminate flooring installed.  We just added the furniture from the last nursery (and replaced the flooring). 

Main Bedroom

raised ranch tour main bedroom

The main bedroom was the first room we tackled in our new house.  You can see all the posts and the reveal here from the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge

Zachary/Élise Room

raised ranch tour kids bedroom

The older two kids share a bedroom (the younger two are pictured in the photo above).  Again, we just took their stuff from the last bedroom and hung a couple of shelves. 

Raised Ranch Basement

raised ranch home tour basement layout

There are two additional bedrooms in our basement, another bathroom and a large living room.  The living room also has a walk-out to the backyard.

Basement Living

raised ranch tour basement

The basement living room is currently our garage storage zone (as seen in the photos here).  The plan is to keep it empty from furniture so the kids can use it as a run-around space.

Basement Bathroom

raised ranch tour basement bathroom

The basement bathroom has a stand-up shower and could use a bit of a refresh.

Basement Guest Room

raised ranch tour basement bedroom

The guest room also serves as a storage space for our seasonal items. 

Basement Laundry Room / Pain Cave

raised ranch tour basement

The last two rooms in the basement are the laundry room, and the 5th bedroom.  The husband uses it as his pain cave…

Raised Ranch Exterior

You can read more about our exterior in the post here.  Essentially, we live on a corner lot, and the sides are wider than the front/back.

Outdoor Entry

raised ranch tour exterior entry

We updated the curb appeal by replacing the broken front door, and changing out a few of the accessories. 


raised ranch tour backyard

The backyard is just a 9×40 space, and we have plans to extend it out to the main yard once the garage is done.

Main Yard

raised ranch tour sideyard

Our big plans for the main yard include building a detached garage