Rental Renovation Tour

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We bought a second property named “the rental renovation” in April 2018 with the goal of creating two separate rental units.  At the time, the Husband worked about 2 hours away from where we lived, and this house was near his work.  We commuted during the week to this house, stayed in the upstairs while we renovated the basement.  Once the basement renovation was complete, we moved down there part-time until we bought our raised ranch.

Watch a video tour of the upstairs before here, and of the basement before here.

The whole house design scheme can be found in this post, and we basically just cleaned up the upstairs in order to make it nice and livable.

Rental Renovation Upstairs

The upstairs is rented to long-term tenants, and has a 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and living/dining.

Main Entrance

rental renovation tour entry

More Photos: Entryway Transformation

Living/Dining Room

rental renovation tour living room

More Photos: Living/Dining Room Makeover


rental renovation tour hallway

More Photos: Easy Hallway Transformation


rental renovation tour bedrooms

More Photos: Neutral Bedroom Refresh


bathroom before after

The bathroom is one of the bigger recent changes, out of necessity since the tiles were damaged and leaking into the basement.  See the whole transformation here.  For the first few years, we just smoothed the grout lines and painted the floors.

Rental Renovation Basement

This was the largest renovation we ever took on, and we pretty much demoed the entire basement and started from scratch.  Here is the basic layout of the 2-bedroom apartment.  This space is now rented out on Airbnb.

Staircase/Shared Hallway

rental renovation basement tour staircase

rental renovation tour shared hallway

More Photos: DIY Mudroom Organization

Living Room & Dining Area

rental renovation tour living room

rental renovation tour dining room

More Photos: Rental Basement Living Room Progress


rental renovation tour basement kitchen

rental renovation tour basement kitchen hall

More Photos: Basement Kitchen Reveal

Baby Bedroom

rental renovation tour baby bedroom

More Photos: Other Rooms at the Rental Renovation (note: the little window in the before photo was removed and replaced with the big one in the after photo)

Master Bedroom

rental renovation tour master bedroom

More Photos: Basement Bedroom Reveal


More Photos: Glam Black and Gold Basement Bathroom

I tried to include images with the same vantage point/area – even though some spaces were sort of relocated (ie: the bathroom).  Check out the before video tour here to see the full details.

Rental Renovation Exterior

We haven’t done too much to the exterior yet (or at least, that I’ve shared on the blog before) so stay tuned for more!

Back Entrance (goes to both Apartments)

More Photos: Back Door Entrance Makeover

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