About the Name: Madness and Method

You can call me super organized and I love to plan out projects WAY in advance. That’s the method part.

Problem is, I don’t always know how to make my dreams turn out as they do in my head, so I often have to DIY my way around an idea. And I’m not afraid to pick up a hammer or get a little drywall dust on me. That’s where the madness comes in.

I’m a minimalist wannabe with hoarding tendencies. I hate clutter and stuff all over the place, but I have way too many things, so often have to use storage in hidden places.

I’m drawn to traditional design and details, but I prefer modern clean lines and geometric shaped furniture.

I like black and white stripes and rainbow is my favourite colour (actually, purple). My walls are mostly painted with bright and bold colours, and every now and then I incorporate some gray to neutralize a space.

I like to be clear and concise, but I talk/write way too much sometimes.

There’s a method to my madness.

Formerly the Q-Schmitz Home Design + DIY Blog, this site has been rebranded to Madness + Method in order to better incorporate the juxtaposition of design and DIY projects that go on around here. Plus, I know it’s pretty hard to spell my last name, so I wanted to make it a bit easier for everyone to find me 

Most of what I talk about here is related to home design and DIY tips – but sometimes I also chat about fun projects (or recipes) I’m working on. 



About Nicole

me-grayHello, my name is Nicole and I am in love with everything to do with houses and homes!  After having semi-updated a home in Ottawa and mid-way through my current house’s kitchen redo, I got the crazy idea to start a home renovation and DIY blog.  I hope to share all the projects I’ve worked on and also discuss upcoming ideas, design inspirations and other crafty things I do.

Read more about my background here.

About My Helpers

The Husband

husbandThe Husband’s real name is Kenn, and he is most of the muscle behind the whole operation!  Here is a handy post that gives a bit more insight into the type of work we each do around here.  I have him tagged in these posts too.


tootsie-grayTootsie is a mini-Australian Shepherd born on September 30th 2014.  Her full name is Tootsie Cordelia Roll (our breeders named her Tootsie Roll and I added the middle name haha!).  She makes a lot of appearances throughout the blog, although she still hasn’t figured out how help with DIY projects yet…  Tootsie also appears here.


zacharyZachary was born June 2016 and you can read about his birth here. He’s now happy/silly toddler who loves playing independently and helping his parents with tasks around the house (yes, he tries to help with DIY projects!). He’s also tagged in these posts.


eliseÉlise joined us in April 2018. She is always so happy and smiley, loves watching her big brother, and is especially fond of the Husband and Tootsie. She’s also tagged in these posts.


Félix is the newest little member of the family, arriving at the end of November 2019.  He will undoubtedly be spoiled/tortured by his older siblings, and they’re slowly getting used to him.  He’s tagged in these posts.