About the New Name: Madness and Method

You can call me super organized and I love to plan out projects WAY in advance. That’s the method part.

Problem is, I don’t always know how to make my dreams turn out as they do in my head, so I often have to DIY my way around an idea. And I’m not afraid to pick up a hammer or get a little drywall dust on me. That’s where the madness comes in.

I’m a minimalist wannabe with hoarding tendencies. I hate clutter and stuff all over the place, but I have way too many things, so often have to use storage in hidden places.

I’m drawn to traditional design and details, but I prefer modern clean lines and geometric shaped furniture.

I like black and white stripes and rainbow is my favourite colour (actually, purple). My walls are mostly painted with bright and bold colours, and every now and then I incorporate some gray to neutralize a space.

I like to be clear and concise, but I talk/write way too much sometimes.

There’s a method to my madness.

Formerly the Q-Schmitz Home Design + DIY Blog, this site has been rebranded to Madness + Method in order to better incorporate the juxtaposition of design and DIY projects that go on around here. Plus, I know it’s pretty hard to spell my last name, so I wanted to make it a bit easier for everyone to find me 

Most of what I talk about here is related to home design and DIY projects – but on the weekends I like to switch things up and discuss other fun projects (or recipes) I’m working on. 

About Nicole

me-grayHello, my name is Nicole and I am in love with everything to do with houses and homes!  After having semi-updated a home in Ottawa and mid-way through my current house’s kitchen redo, I got the crazy idea to start a home renovation and DIY blog.  I hope to share all the projects I’ve worked on and also discuss upcoming ideas, design inspirations and other crafty things I do.

Read more about my background here.

About My Helpers

The Husband

husbandThe Husband’s real name is Kenn, and he is most of the muscle behind the whole operation!  Here is a handy post that gives a bit more insight into the type of work we each do around here.  I have him tagged in these posts too.


tootsie-grayTootsie is a mini-Australian Shepherd born on September 30th 2014.  Her full name is Tootsie Cordelia Roll (our breeders named her Tootsie Roll and I added the middle name haha!).  She makes a lot of appearances throughout the blog, although she still hasn’t figured out how help with DIY projects yet…  Tootsie also appears here.