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Faux Fur Pillows (DIY or Buy?)

Here’s a DIY to make your own (almost free) faux fur pillows AND I’m sharing a bunch of similar looking faux fur pillows that you can buy for under 50$!

beige faux fur pillow on a blue couch

Sometimes DIY projects don’t turn out the way we expect them too in our heads.  I had the idea to share the tutorial for some (almost free) faux fur pillows; however, they didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  Nevertheless, I have the instructions so you can make your own AND I’m sharing a bunch of similar looking faux fur pillows that you can buy for under 50$!  Oh, and you can totally make your own faux fur pillows that look way better than mine too :)

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To make some almost free faux fur pillows, I had the genius idea to use an old faux fur coat I had!  It didn’t fit me properly, some of the buttons were missing, and some of the fabric was starting to peel off.

prepping materials needed for faux fur pillows

A while ago I picked up 4 super cheap pillows at Ikea. They don’t have the same ones anymore, but these are pretty similar.  It was finally time to get to work on my project!

measuring fabric for faux fur pillows

I started out by measuring the approximate size of my pillow and cutting out the usable fabric from the coat (ie: not the buttons and sleeves).

Now, here’s where you can make your DIY faux fur pillows WAY better than mine… 

using heat and bond on faux fur

I don’t have a sewing machine, so I decided to pick up some Super Heat N Bond to “sew” my pillow cover together.

gaps in fabric on faux fur pillows

Unfortunately, the faux fur was super thick, and I had a hard time heating the material enough to reach the Heat N Bond.  I did manage to close off the sides just enough, but I wouldn’t pull too hard on my pillows…

two beige faux fur pillows on blue couch

I was barely able to squeeze out two pillow covers; and one of them even has the pocket seams and gaps in the back!

beige faux fur pillow on a blue couch

Even so, the colour of the faux fur coat did match my new basement décor perfectly.

faux fur pillow on blue couch

Another downside to not sewing my faux fur pillow covers?  There is fuzz everywhere!  I had a pretty big mess after cutting the coat, and had I sewed it instead, the seams would be on the inside (so no loose fuzz).

If you’re equally sewing-challenged like me, it might make more sense to buy faux fur pillows instead.  I’ve rounded out some great options of similar colours (think, beige/tan pillows):

Buy Faux Fur Pillows

beige faux fur pillows under 25 dollars

Faux Fur Pillows Under 25$

  1. Faux Wolf Fur Cover, *
  2. Plush Mongolian Faux Fur, *
  3. Shaggy Faux Fur,
  4. Pack of 2 Plush Fur,
  5. Pack of 2 Faux Fur Pillows,
  6. Faux Fur Cover,
  7. Fluffy Coffee Cover,

* Comes in different sizes

beige faux fur pillows under 50 dollars

Faux Fur Pillows Under 50$

  1. Fashion Faux Fur Pillow,
  2. Mongolian Taupe Faux Fur Pillow Cover,
  3. Faux Fur Pillow Chinchilla,
  4. Faux Fur Pillow Cover Silver Fox,
  5. Tundra Hare Faux Fur,
  6. Faux Fur Pillow Cover Brown Chinchilla,
  7. Faux Fur Pillow Brown Long Hair,
  8. Faux Fur Pillow Cover Brown Bear,

Now, if you’re looking for some faux fur pillows in a different colour (maybe white, black, pink, etc.) there are a lot more options out there too!  I really like the Mongolian ones because they are extra fluffy :)

(Almost Free) DIY Faux Fur Pillow Cost:

Pillow Inside 1.99$
Faux Fur: Free
Heat N Bond:  5.50$ (the one I linked is much cheaper!)

In the end, my faux fur pillows cost less than 4$ each – so a super good deal.  However, I’ll be cleaning up fuzz for the rest of my life (until I get them sewed) and technically only one is actually the correct size.  (The other cover is a bit too small).

faux fur pillows graphic

If you were ever wondering if it was better to DIY faux fur pillows or to buy them, then I hope this post help steer you in the right direction. I’m kind of envious of people who can sew, because I feel like your pillows will look so much better than mine, ha!

Well, at least I upcycled a coat?

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