The Best Bento Boxes

Sharing the pros/cons of these popular food containers. Plus, a fun video testing the best bento boxes for kids and how leakproof they are!

colourful plastic bento boxes on counter

Packing school lunches is no joke!  For Christmas this year, I got the kids a couple of bento boxes to make my mornings a bit easier.  But, one thing led to another and I was on a mission to find the best bento boxes.  Today I’m sharing all the bento boxes we have, what I was looking for, and even a video of me really testing them out.  It’s super messy :) 

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Honestly, I had been using individual containers for different foods for years.  It wasn’t until we had 2 kids in school that I realized that we were going through so. many. little. containers.  With Félix starting next year, I knew I had to find something easier.

best bento box text and boxes

I originally bought 3 for Christmas and would alternate the different boxes between the older two.  There would be complaints if someone got a container and the other didn’t – so I had to get a few more…

bento boxes in bin

Make sure to watch my video (also embedded below) for a review of each box.  One thing I didn’t mention however was my criteria for bento boxes (and what the heck they are) so I’ll go over that here.

What is a bento box?!

Originating in Japan, bento boxes are essentially divided containers for food.  You can get them in stainless steel, plastic, glass, etc.  They keep everything separated and you can use them without a lunch pail (we still do).

My criteria for bento boxes:

  • Plastic (no glass or stainless steel)
  • Lids separate from the base (no hinge lids) 
  • Clasps to close (as opposed to a lid you have to push on)
  • As clear as possible
  • Under 30$ each

This is obviously dependent on the person, but I figured it would make sense to share.  Because I would be using these bento boxes for the kids’ lunches, the opening and closing were most important to me.  Plus no glass, but I thought that was obvious, ha.  And, obviously the cheaper the better – but you’d be surprised how many options there are that are OVER 30$. 

Comparing Our Different Bento Boxes

Miss Big Lunch Box (Purple)

I bought this container for 15.99 before Christmas.  It comes with a fork and has a clear lid.  Standard 2×1 compartment style.  This is Élise’s favourite.  I also like the colour and the clear-ish lid. 


light green bento box with spork

Vensp Bento Box (Green)

I bought this container for 23.99 before Christmas.  It comes with a spork and holder on the lid.  Most unique compartment style with 1 long side and three smaller ones.  Hard to snap shut.


blue bento box with lion lid

3 Sprouts Bento Box (Blue)

I bought this container for 12.60 before Christmas.  It has a 2×1 shape but is a bit deeper (and smaller in size) than the first one.  The clear lids have fun animals on them – so perfect for kids.  Félix loves this one the most (but hasn’t used it yet, ha).


light blue bento box with utensils

Jeopace Bento Box (Light Blue)

I bought this container for 25.90 in January.  It has a 2×1 shape with an extra circle section, dual lids plus a fork and spoon.  You need to use both lids to close it, but you could always put something flat in the top section.  Had an annoying label that left a sticky residue. 


purple salad plastic container

Sistema Salad 2 Go Container (Purple)

I bought this locally for around 14$ in January.  It is deeper than the rest, with a top portion that lifts off the bottom bowl shape.  Comes with a fork and a knife, plus a small container with a lid (for salad dressing).  This is Zachary’s favourite.


Sistema 2 Go Container (Teal)

I bought this locally for around 12$ in January.  It is narrower and larger than the rest and only has two snap sides.  I like that it’s completely clear.


testing bento boxes with liquids

Testing Bento Boxes

This video is a bit long at 15 minutes, but I go over all the boxes in-depth.  Plus, I fill each individual container with coloured liquids and test how leakproof they are.

You can watch it on YouTube here if the player above isn’t loading.  The worst part about that video was me realizing that I had to clean my mess after, ha.  Luckily the bento boxes can be put in the dishwasher (I put the on the top and bottom depending on space).  

One thing I’ll add is that I redid the test with the green container that I had open at first.  It still wasn’t completely leakproof between the compartments :(

best bento boxes for kids

In conclusion, I’d say that any basic bento box that I shared here will be good compared to the others.  So, get the same style with different colours (or animals) if you want to be more consistent.  In my test, there was only one that was completely leakproof between the compartments (it was this one!) so get that if it’s something you need.  

I also don’t have any insight into how long they’ll last.  So far, we’ve used them at least 5-7 times each and nothing seems to be wearing yet.  Here’s hoping they last for years! 

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