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Basement Kitchen Progress

I don’t have a lot of basement kitchen progress to show this week, and I’m pretty sure this will be the first One Room Challenge we don’t finish on time…

basement kitchen insulation

If you’ve been following along with our project for this Fall’s One Room Challenge, then you know we’re moving at a snail’s pace and waiting on a bunch of behind the scenes stuff before we can even start.  If you’ve checked out the other ORC linking participants and bloggers, then you know they’re much farther along!  Think we have any basement kitchen progress to show or got anything accomplished this week and have magically caught up?  Nope… not even close!

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Probably a short post this week, because spoiler: we don’t really have too much new going on!  If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, I’ve decided to do a kitchen in 6 weeks for this season’s One Room Challenge, and last week I shared the design plans for the space.

It would have probably been doable if we had more completed in the basement at our rental renovation, but alas the rebuild has taken a lot longer than we originally anticipated.  I honestly don’t think we’ll be able to complete it on time and I’ll know next time to have all the behind-the-scenes stuff booked ahead of time!

basement kitchen insulation

The plumbing rough-ins have pretty much been finished (we were just waiting to add the venting through the roof but it was raining every day) then we can get that inspected.

basement kitchen progress walls

Our contractors went ahead and installed all the insulation (and hopefully vapour barriers after this photo was taken) in the hopes of getting both those inspections done at the same time (ie: the plumbing one).

We still don’t have an HVAC appointment booked yet (we’re switching out the furnace and ductwork) so until that can happen, drywall cannot be installed…

ikea kitchen boxes

In somewhat better news, the Ikea kitchen boxes arrived and I organized them into three areas so that we can build everything as quickly as possible.

organizing ikea kitchen boxes

This is my third Ikea kitchen, so I made sure to separate the interior organization boxes (ie: shelves and drawers) in a different pile compared to the cabinets themselves (which are shown above, with the labels facing upwards for easy identification) and the door fronts (which I brought home and will be finishing there).

beautiful gold faucet

The kitchen faucet I ordered from Amazon came in and it’s the perfect matte/satin gold colour (not a shiny brass!) and I’m hoping it will go great with the champagne bronze cabinet knobs.

ikea edserum doors

I opened all of the door boxes (with the exception of one that we might need to return due to possibly moving some ducts) and placed them on the floor of our garage.

sanding ikea edserum doors

I used a power sander to rough up all the fronts of the doors, then tried to go in with a block sponge to get all the inside edges (they’re still a bit glossy feeling though).

sanded ikea edserum doors

I just need to clean them up and prime them (I left the backs un-sanded), then I’ll be painting them the nice dark colour from my design plan.  I’ll write a more detailed post about that (because I’m going to test a few options I think – so stay tuned!).

ORC Basement Kitchen Week 3 Progress Video

Recap of this post in a video format:

And that’s pretty much it for our basement kitchen progress this week… I think I have lots of painting to do this weekend :)

basement kitchen progress graphic

What projects have you been following along with during the Fall One Room Challenge?  Like I mentioned, I don’t think we’ll be done on time :(

Basement Kitchen
Week 1: Layout
Week 2: Design
Week 3: Progress (this post!)
Week 4: ?

But do please come back and see how/when we get this done! And, I’m going to have a lot more to show in the New Year for this rental renovation because once the drywall goes up, we will be in the home stretch and all the rooms will be getting finished at the same time.  You can always follow on Instagram, Facebook and/or Pinterest :)

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