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The BEST Fabric Cleaner(s)

Do you have carpet or upholstery stains? Here are the best fabric cleaners, from the quickest, to the most recommended and the strongest too!

three spray bottles near rag on rug

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sharing a few cleaning posts recently!  Continuing from my exploration of testing DIY stain cleaners, today I’m sharing the BEST fabric cleaners.  The ones I will continue to use again and again.  The ones that really work. And no, there are no DIYs here – but three products you can buy instead.  Ready to clean some stains!?

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As mentioned, this is sort of a continuation of my DIY stain cleaners post.  I had originally tested a bunch of DIY methods to clean stains from carpet… but I realized that years later, I didn’t really stick to any of those methods. 

Well… sort of… 

Let me show you what I mean!

best fabric cleaners text over image of three spray bottles and rag

Today I’m going to be sharing my tried and true fabric stain cleaners.  I’ve used them on both carpets/rugs and our various sofas/furniture.

BUT I will remind you to exercise caution when using different products around your house.  I don’t know what kind of fabric(s) you have (or the stains).  We definitely don’t have anything too precious here, but I would still be bummed if our stuff was permanently damaged.

Anyways, let’s get to the stain cleaners! 

The QUICKEST Fabric Stain Cleaner

This is the only stain cleaner from my original test that I’ve continued to use. 

Want to know the quickest (and surprisingly effective) stain spot remover!?

wiping rug with baby wipe

Baby wipes!  Now, I technically have these because we still have a little in diapers, but they are convenient at wiping away stains.  They were effective at cleaning the unknown carpet stains, and they are effective at other random stains (or messes) we have around the house.  I know some people who use these for every kid mess and spill; but I do try and use rags and washable cloths for normal wiping.  (ie: after meals). 

But for random stains?  I definitely get a baby wipe to see if it will clean it!


The MOST RECOMMENDED Fabric Stain Cleaner

Have you ever been influenced to buy something because someone mentioned it?  Or, you’re hesitant/skeptical… until you see someone else mention it.  

Then you finally give in and the product actually works.

folex spray bottle and spraying on rug

That’s how I found Folex (originally at Jenny Komenda’s recommendation).  It comes in a huge spray bottle, and I’m still on my first one (and have used it for multiple stains).  I used to keep it at the apartment to clean up random stains after Airbnb guests, but now it lives at our house :) 

It’s odourless and clear; you simply have to spray it on and blot as much as the stain out as you can.  There’s a green bottle label and a purple one, but I don’t know the difference between the two. 


The STRONGEST Fabric Stain Cleaner

You guys… this is the product I bust out when we are getting out the worst/grossest stains.  It’s supposed to be for pet messes… but I’ve found that it handles human messes well.  And by humans, I mean the children of course.

Think urine… vomit… you know – the things you hope to never have to deal with until you seem to always have to deal with them. 

natures miracle spray can and foam on carpet

I found Nature’s Miracle at our local pet store, and it works (both the advanced and regular formula).  I originally purchased it to remove stains from wood floors (spoiler: that didn’t work), but it’s been great for fabric stains.  There’s also a spray version, but I’ve only ever used the aerosol foam

It comes out as a foam, and you can either wipe it up after a few seconds/minutes, or leave it on to dry.  The latter is especially useful for vomit smells/stains.  Nature’s Miracle does have a fagrance (like clean/floral-y?), but I actually really like it.  And, obviously it’s much better than the alternative. 


baby wipes folex bottle and natures miracle

Now, I know these were all products that you can buy and weren’t necessarily the greenest – but they truly are the best fabric stain cleaners I’ve used.

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best fabric cleaners text overlay on bin of cleaning products

All the cleaning supplies I use regularly are kept in the storage closet near our kitchen.  They’re all in a little bin (near the rags of course) and easy to grab when I need to clean.

I did want to ask if anyone has the Little Green Machine It’s an upholstery cleaning machine, and while it has great reviews, I’m not sure if it’s something I would use all the time.  (Like, would I even need it if I already have all these great fabric cleaning alternatives, ha).

best fabric cleaners and how to use them text overlay on bottles of cleaners

Anyways, I hope this post on the best fabric cleaners helps you out if you have a stain to remove!  Plus, let me know if you have any other fabric stain cleaners that you love!?  Or, if you prefer one of the tried and tested DIY methods here.

And, although I didn’t mention it explicitely, these stain removers are for rugs and upholstery.  (Ie: not clothing or fabrics you can wash in the laundry).  If I could throw the dirty furniture in the washing machine, I’m sure I would do that, ha! 

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