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Choosing the Right Height Curtains

How do you choose the right height for curtains? If you have standard 8′ ceilings, you don’t want to go with regular 84in panels – let me share what we did!

bright yellow curtains in nursery

One of the things we added to our new nursery (that we actually didn’t have in Zachary’s nursery) was curtains!  While both rooms have simple white horizontal blinds, I definitely wanted to up the fun design factor in the dark teal nursery by adding some bold bright yellow curtains.  Luckily, I think the ones I chose fit that perfectly, and they also fit the room perfectly since they are the right height for our standard 8′ ceilings.  Let me explain…

– I’d like to thank for providing the curtains and other accessories used in our nursery –

I knew I wanted to reuse the white blinds we had in the room before, and I simply removed them while we painted the space (and added the new window casings).  They’re pretty plain and easy to control the light, so why change them!?

white horizontal blinds in nursery

Once we installed them back into place (I literally left the hardware on the wall so it was super quick); it was time to install our curtain rod and new yellow curtains.

installing curtain rod in nursery

I picked up a plain black curtain rod and got the Husband to work installing them on the wall.  We chose to screw into the studs, but if you have drywall anchors it might be best to go a bit farther out from the window.

Tip: It’s best to hang your curtains wide and high (as close to the ceiling as possible).

Since we’ve had some too-short curtain issues in the past, I knew I wanted to choose the right height curtains to begin with.  Luckily, I bought the curtains at and their website is actually so convenient to browse by size.  For standard 8′ ceilings (which is 96″), I knew that the regular 84″ curtains would be WAY too short.  I don’t particularly like the curtain draping on the floor look so chose to narrow my options to the 90″ panel lengths and ended up getting these bright yellow curtains.

installing curtain rod

The height of the curtain rod attachments to the wall was adjustable by a few inches, so we chose something close to the window and then went from there.

baby helping install curtains

Installing curtains is pretty easy, but I was busy taking photos and wrangling our cute little helper (who loves using the stud finder!).  It’s also helpful to have a second person to stand back and decide the height of the curtains.

bright yellow curtains in nursery

I wanted them just an inch or so up from the floor, and once we figured out the height, the Husband finished installing the rod securely (and also added these finials to the ends).

Tip: Make sure to wash your curtains (according to the manufacturer’s directions) BEFORE hanging them.  That way, if there is any shrinkage, you won’t have to adjust your curtain rod height the next time.

toddler playing with curtains

Our little monkey loved helping us install the curtains, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to keep them up forever.  (Although they are close to the crib and I know for Zachary, we had to move the crib away from the walls because he wanted to pull everything down…).

installing the right height curtains

Since we didn’t have curtains in the other nursery, I figured I didn’t need to get any blackout ones, so went with some sheer yellow ones instead.  They actually cast such a warm glow on the room when closed (as you can sort of tell from the photo on the right above).

choosing the right height curtains graphic

I wanted to share how to choose curtains that were the right height, because I know it’s something that I’ve struggled with in the past (by not paying attention and just buying whatever they had at the store!). For 8′ ceilings, you definitely don’t want to get the standard 84″ length panels… even though they are the most widely available! You may be lucky if you get some 96″ panels that shrink a bit (or if you don’t mind them touching the floor), but I’m happy with the 90″ ones we chose :)

I’ll definitely have to keep you updated if we ever need to remove them due to baby grabbing them, but that won’t be for a while now!

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