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Easy Customized Nursery Accessories

Using paint, I incorporated some customized nursery accessories into our new nursery and they add a unique touch of fun to our space!

You may have figured it out from our basement bathroom renovation, but I kind of like doing easily customized accessories for spaces that I work on.  Using paint, you can easily transform everyday “plain” objects and make them extra special, and it often doesn’t cost a thing!  Check out the customized nursery accessories that I incorporated into our new nursery, and get inspired to look at your surroundings a bit differently :)

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Don’t forget to check out the nursery reveal to see all these accessories in place!


The first fun accessory I wanted to bring (back) into this room was a little ceramic dog statue.  I had a few random ceramic statues from when I was younger, and while most were painted nicely (and I could sell or donate them), this little dog was a little rough looking (or should I say “ruff” looking hahaha!).

And I didn’t mean from the broken foot, I meant my lovely paint job… from 1997!  That’s right, this dog statue is over 20 years old, and clearly, I’m the worst minimalist ever since I have a big problem with hoarding weird items.

gray guest bedroom setup

Photo First Appeared in Nursery Colour Journey

Anyways, you’ll remember that this dog was intact just a few months ago.  Zachary loved playing with it, but we all know that little children do not mix well with breakable objects…


Nothing that some glue couldn’t fix, and once it was dry (and I had some free time) it was time to paint!


I also wanted to paint the frame matte from the Dream Big poster.  I had painted it Fusion Minerals’ Champness when I first had it up on our photo ledge, but I decided to move it above the crib and it was clashing a bit with the wall colour.


Not to mention that I wanted to incorporate a bit more pink (like the new baby quote poster I had printed), which I figured it would be a fun way to both reveal the gender, while also adding a bright pop of accent colour!


I had some pink wall paint leftover from when the room was pink; and gave the ceramic dog and matte a quick coat.  Once it dried, I realized they didn’t match the poster perfectly, so I mixed up my own custom shade with craft paint until it was just right.


I simply added the matte and poster back to the frame, and hung above the crib (where the old lace/embroidery used to hang).


The little ceramic dog got placed on the photo ledge (next to the lace/embroidery frame), although it looks a bit more pig-like than cute puppy…


When we were in Mexico, I had seen these cute ceramic statues and I was actually thinking of doing a similar paint treatment (using the colours in the nursery of course).  Time will tell if I get to that, so for now we just have a pink dog!


As I was doing my teal touch-ups, I also painted the bottom of a white storage basket.  I had actually purchased both this basket and this one from, but they were both reading a little too green for me – so I decided to go with a white instead.


Besides, I knew that by adding the wall colour, I would get an exact match!


Just the correct amount of new and old things, right!?  These customized nursery accessories definitely add a unique and fun factor to the space, and I’ve hopefully convinced you to try DIY’ing something easy in your house too!

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