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Félix’s First Birthday

For Félix’s first birthday, I’m sharing his monthly baby milestone photos and a bit more about him. Happy birthday to our cuddly little chum!

felix birthday photo

I say this every time: but I can’t believe my little baby just turned one!  Félix’s first birthday was yesterday, but I swear I just wrote his birth story yesterday too.   This post is dedicated to my little mister, and how much he’s grown this year.

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Félix is our third child (after Zachary and Élise), and probably our last.  I always wanted four, but we decided that 3 was a perfect number, and we have a good little bunch. 

felix baby monthly photos

Similar to how I did Élise’s monthly photos, I wanted Félix to be photographed with a similar background.  Although this time, I got little black t-shirts (one in each size) so that he would be in the same outfit.  We just changed it up for his birthday photo.  It’s the same shirt I’ve used since Zachary

early baby photos

For the first few months, I thought that Félix looked the most like Élise.  Especially as his cheeks started filling in :) Although, he’s also the one that’s looked the most similar between each month. 

felix baby photos

About Félix

Loves: Eating, climbing, watching his siblings, screaming, cuddling!

Doesn’t Like: being left alone, getting dressed, 

Sleeps: Almost through the night (still gets a feeding around 4-5am) and only one nap in the day

Moves: mostly crawls, but has also taken a few steps alone, or will stand randomly

Nicknames: Mr. Bébé, Chum, Petit Chum, Petit Félix, Chum Chum

baby felix photos

Félix is definitely the cuddliest of the bunch (all I wanted was a little one that hugged me back, ha).  But, he’s also the most vocal (ie: screamy).  So far, he only really says “momma”, and it’s usually when he’s screaming :) 

felix photos

He’s the only one that prefers the soother and still loves taking it at night.  By comparison, Zachary started ripping it out as soon as he could and used his thumb.  And Élise wasn’t really interested in either after a certain point. 

Oh, and he’s also still breastfeeding (although we also transitioned him to cow’s milk this week).  With the other two, I slowly started introducing more formula to get them ready for upcoming vacations we were taking.  (Zachary and Ireland, Élise and Jamaica).  But with COVID this year, we have no plans on going anywhere anytime soon, so I figured we’d keep him going for a bit longer.

first birthday monthly photos

It’s fun to see him watching the “big kids” and being mesmerized by what they’re doing.  I know he’ll be playing with them in no time, but I hope he stays my cuddly little man forever :)  

Yesterday we celebrated with my signature sugar-free baby cakes (this time with peaches – they turned out good!).  I’d also made a bunch of other cakes for a charity cake auction, but I’ll chat more about that in the next month or so.  Today I took his latest photo, and we have to do his handprint for his poster

Happy Birthday Baby Félix – I hope your first birthday was a good one, and I wish you many more :) 

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