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Office Lobby Makeover [Industrial Office Renovation]

Today we’re discussing the office lobby makeover of an industrial office renovation. Let’s check out the before and after pictures!

Today we're discussing the office lobby makeover of an industrial office renovation. Let's check out the before and after pictures!

Hey everyone, I’m back with the 3rd room update in the industrial office renovation we did at my Husband’s shop a few months ago.  Today we’re discussing the office lobby makeover, ie: the main room you enter.  Let’s check out the before and after pictures!

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Like the other rooms, it had to be clean, organized and clear of clutter; but I also wanted people to know where they were as they came in.  Here are the messy before pictures:


The first wall you see as you enter the front door had some old plaques, posters, certificates, etc.  While that makes sense (and is the norm) for a lot of businesses, a lot of these things were not as relevant to what the Husband does (and some documents on display were expired!).


There is a mini L-shaped counter to the left when you walk in, and it was always full of stuff.  Technically this isn’t a true “before”, because that large printer (and paint can) got moved in there when we were updating the storage room.


We took all the documents down, and I patched the holes that were there.  We also removed the floor tiles in this room as well, and installed the same vinyl flooring as the rest of the space.


I mocked up a little mural on the computer of how I wanted this main wall to look.  It incorporated the main part of his logo, and his business colours as well (the bright orange and light orange accent paint we bought).


I taped off the areas and painted a light triangle, a bright triangle, and a black triangle.  The Husband had a decal printed of his logo and put that up himself…


Now when people walk in the lobby, they know what business they are visiting!  (There is no exterior sign… but hopefully that will change eventually).


I mentioned that I took these photos months after we actually finished the space?  Because his business is far from where we live, I had to bring the Tootsie girl to come visit :)


I turned the L-Shaped desk so that the one arm was against the wall (making it easier to access) and also opening up the space more.  All the mess that was on there before got moved to the storage room!


Looking back towards to front, everything is much brighter and neater!  (The door on the right goes to the Husband’s office, which I will discuss next week).


Here’s another comparison of the same area.  You can better see how rotating the L-Shaped counter makes it more open.  Oh, those images are supposed to be mounted to the wall… but once I was no longer there to delegate and help (having had a baby and all), some things didn’t get finished.


Speaking of which, the Husband stuck the logo decal a bit lower than I had designed (I wanted an equidistant area between all the spaces).  Did you notice that above?  It was super convenient that the black paint we used (some industrial paint he had in the shop) ended up being the same high-gloss sheen as the decal!


I really liked creating the custom mural, although the Husband was a bit resistant to the idea at first.  I think it creates a nice focal point for the office lobby makeover, and now people should know where they are when they come in :)

Have you enjoyed the industrial office renovation posts I’ve been doing this month?  I have one more room to share (you’ll have to wait until next week!), but I’m hoping it’s been a little break from all the holiday hustle and bustle…

5 days until Christmas!


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  • Reply
    Tante Annette
    December 13, 2022 at 3:33 pm

    I like the masculine design and choice of colours. It gives a no nonsense – appeal to the business.
    As for the decal i did not notice that it was not an equidistant area. I wouldn’t worry about that.

    • Reply
      December 16, 2022 at 3:04 pm

      The sign has held up great too!

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