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Colourful Hallway Reveal!

Want to add some rainbow to your life? This colourful hallway reveal proves that you can have a lot of colour in a mostly white space.

subtle rainbow hallway with white doors

Ready to see a colourful hallway reveal!?  This basic white hallway now has a fun rainbow wall :)  Okay… I also fixed some things (ceiling, baseboards) and cleaned everything up… but the colourful walls are definitely the boldest new thing!  I think even those that don’t like rainbows as much could still love this space :)

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This was an 8-week makeover that I completed in about 6?  I justttt got back from vacation (details next week!), so I had to finish the hallway ahead of time.

colourful hallway reveal text overlay with rainbow hallway

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In case you skipped the links above, here’s what the hallway looked like before:

hallway makeover before

When we bought our house just over two years ago, the sellers had painted the subfloor and the walls were off-white.  Not sure if you can tell in the photo above, but our kitchen used to be closed in by a couple of walls.

Other than adding new floors (a dark vinyl plank) and removing those walls, we hadn’t done much to update the hallway.

hallway makeover with half blue wall

But now that same angle looks like this!  I chose to do the front wall with the bottom blue to match our adjoining living room and entry.

colourful hallway

Then the colourful rainbow fun begins!

Colourful Hallway Details

white popcorn ceiling with rainbow walls

Peep that little rainbow prism glow on the wall too.  We are very serious about our rainbows around here!

colourful hallway

And yes, the rainbow bathroom… ha…

rainbow accent wall in hallway with white ceiling

One of the bigger changes (that you probably didn’t notice) is the ceiling.

white ceiling and copper fixture

Previously, it was discoloured along the edges, and there were missing patches next to the light.

copper light fixture white ceilings and rainbow walls

I replaced the VERY expired smoke detector with a smoke/CO combo.  That way, I could eliminate the plug-in one below.  (That our youngest always tested).

rainbow diamond walls

Honestly, the hallway is still very much white!  I really wanted a subtle rainbow, and I think that I achieved the look :)

colourful bedrooms into white hallway

Because our bedrooms are BOLD.  The hallway needed to hint at the colour that was coming, but not compete with them.  The view above is standing in our purple primary bedroom, looking into the shared kids’ red bedroom.

purple wall and white rainbow hallway

I didn’t use the same colours with the rainbow stencil, but they are similar.

rainbow diamond accent wall

Our house is definitely full of fun colours!

rainbow diamond dots wall

I also tried to have as much of the colourful pattern showing.

hallway before

Before, we had our growth chart on this wall.  And Élise had put a LOT of paintings on her door (to cover up her marker mess of course).  You can also spot the plug-in CO detector too (and where the purple painting used to hang).

hallway after with rainbow accents

I relocated most of the stuff to the small section near the kitchen.  The growth chart was chopped in half and repainted.  I really like the grey!

yellow striped bedroom near hallway

Looking the other way, we have Félix’s yellow striped nursery.  The yellow from the stencil is very similar to this colour, but against all the others, it almost disappears in real life.  Zachary, my oldest, tells me he can never see the yellow, but he definitely sees it in the bedroom!

rainbow hallway

More About our Rainbow Hallway

rainbow diamond walls in white hallway

And there’s the yellow glow coming from the room :)  Depending on the time of day, each bedroom casts its colours into the hallway – a big reason why I wanted to keep the base white!

white bifold door near rainbow walls

This bifold door also got repaired, and it took me weeks to find the correct top pivot to replace.  This is the new knob, and the backplate conveniently hides the big hole.

full hallway reveal

This is not a big space by any means, so thanks for looking at all these photos, ha!

raised ranch open kitchen to hallway

Backing up, we see how the hallway plays into the layout of the new kitchen.  Remember, there used to be a wall here (with a small entrance near the fridge).

My vision was always to have a fun colourful pattern on the wall, visible from the dining room (just behind me in the photo above).

hallway with toddler

And this is the view from my office area.  With our Élise helping.  Zachary now says that rainbow is his favourite colour, and I can imagine that the hallway helped with that :)

subtle rainbow white hallway

I mean, who wouldn’t like rainbows with a hallway like this!?

growth chair kids artwork and family calendar

Here’s a close-up of the “command centre” section near the kitchen.  The calendar used to be in the middle, but I moved it over, purchased a frame to corral the kid art, and stuffed the now-skinny growth chart in.  The art has already changed a bit since taking this photo, ha.

colourful hallway to rainbow bathroom

And yes, that is a very rainbow bathroom too.  With different colours (only 5 in there).  I swear, there aren’t other rainbows here (unless you count the basement accent wall?).

hallway before

Once again, here are some before shots.  The original one shows more of the kitchen wall we removed.

rainbow hallway after

And above is me standing the place of that wall!

About the One Room Challenge

Linda of Calling it Home created the first 6-week makeover challenge 10 years ago!  Since then, it’s become a bi-annual event with thousands of completed rooms so far.  Visit the One Room Challenge blog to see all the projects.  It’s the reveal week – so it’s going to be GOOD!

Follow my hallway makeover:

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Can’t wait to see you next time :)

colourful rainbow hallway

I hope you’ve enjoyed this extensive photo tour of our colourful hallway reveal!  Come back next week for my trip details, and then we’re diving into the cottage :)  Oh, and I think I have an idea for our next One Room Challenge… but we’ll see!

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And, let me know how much you love this colourful rainbow hallway, ha.

see you next time nicole text image

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    May 26, 2022 at 8:29 am

    This is awesome! Your solution for wanting a relatively white hallway but with a foreshadowing of the rooms to come works GREAT! Such solid planning!

    • Reply
      May 26, 2022 at 3:36 pm

      Thanks so much, Diane! I know bold colours aren’t for everyone… but I just can’t help myself ha :)

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