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Neutral Bedroom Refresh

The neutral bedroom refresh at our rental renovation was an easy project that involved minor updates to the floors and the perfect light greige paint!

bright neutral bedroom

I’d love to have another project at our Rental Renovation completed (well, a few more would be nice too!), we’re still working away and hopefully things will be coming along soon.  Which means that while I’m sharing our neutral bedroom refresh, we’re still not technically done – but there’s just another coat or two of paint left… so close enough!?

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Actually, I was hoping that the Husband would have rolled the paint last week when we stayed home (demolition started in the basement so we avoided the noise/dust).  Unfortunately, there were a few issues that came up that he had to deal with, so alas I will finish the painting this week.

unfinished bedrooms

In the original upstairs tour of the house, I showed all the bedrooms as they were, but since starting work we’ve obviously had to store our stuff somewhere.  (Fun fact: the Husband had everything willy-nilly in the living room, but we brought the littles here and I wanted to make sure they couldn’t get into everything).  We also set up a makeshift nursery, but have thankfully added a real crib.

painting trim white

Once we decided to paint everything upstairs and came up with a colour palette, it was time to get to work!  Everything was the same shade of pale yellow, so I painted all the trim and doors a bright white to break up the monotony.

staining shoe moulds

There were some gaps in the floors along the baseboards, so we needed to add some 1/4 round shoe moulds.  The Husband was going to install them unfinished, but I forced him to wait until I stained them all so it would be much easier for me :)

trying to match floor stain

I first tried a coat of Puritan Pine, but they were just a bit too light, and not red enough.  A second coat on my test piece of Ipswich Pine didn’t really change anything too much, so I knew I had to bring in something darker.

staining colour options

I brought the stains I had and tried a few things.  The top piece in the photo had a coat of Traditional Cherry Gel Stain, the middle one Early American Gel Stain and the bottom was Dark Walnut.  I originally thought that the Dark Walnut was going to work, but it was much too dark (and green undertone-y), and the Traditional Cherry was a bit too red (although the Husband liked that one the most).

Early American was the winner, and once installed it looks like an even better match too!

gaps along hardwood floors and walls

This photo shows the gaps along the edges of the hardwood floors that we had to cover (and some of the new wall paint along the edges too!).

edging the wall paint

Because we had so many rooms to paint (a whole house actually) we bought 5 gallons of paint.  I couldn’t pour it into the tray myself (can you imagine the mess it could have made?) so did all the edging first.

paint looks different in lighting

Because the walls were originally yellow, the contrast with the undertones of the PARA Sailcloth was reading much pinker than it actually was.  Each room had vastly different lighting too, but I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be as neutral as I would have liked.

bright neutral bedroom

But I continued painting, and it was actually this view (in the photo above) that sold me on the look.  It was looking so good compared to our cool gray hallway, and I was finally seeing an end!

fresh hardwood floors

We also gave the floors a coat of Rejuvenate after hearing several suggestions about the product.  With the shoe mould installed, walls painted and floors cleaned, everything looks much better!

neutral bedroom refresh

The walls are a good blend of beige/gray, but definitely more on the beige side.  They’re pretty much the lightest walls I have ever painted, so we’ll see how it goes :)

painted bedroom walls

I wanted to take down all the blinds in the rooms, but since we’ll most likely be renting this level, figured it was easier to keep them in (who knows how long it would take, ha!).

one coat of paint on walls

Like I mentioned, I had hoped the Husband was going to finish the painting – but there is still another coat or two to do in the smallest bedroom.  Unfortunately, whenever we go we do bring the baby and obviously don’t want her in that room with the paint drying.

neutral bedroom refresh graphic

While I normally like to paint all the rooms a different colour, this being our rental house, I wanted to keep everything much simpler.  The neutral bedroom refresh was an easy project that just involved minor updates to the floors and some paint, and hopefully our future renters will easily be able to match their décor to the simple palette.

(PS: My site had been down for the last few days – sorry about that!)

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