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Clothes Count, Year 3

I do an annual clothes count to force me to realize how much stuff I own and last year my goal was to get rid of 50% of my stuff. Think I made it?

I do an annual clothes count to force me to realize how much stuff I own and last year my goal was to get rid of 50% of my stuff. Think I made it?

Welcome to the post about my annual clothes count!  I count all my clothes to force me to realize how much stuff I own, in hopes of following a more minimalist lifestyle.  Last year my goal was to get rid of 50% of my stuff… do you think I was able to do that?  Let’s take a look and see!

Last year I had over 500 items in my closet, and I thought that it was an insane number!  I referenced this Zero Waste Home post about her clothes count, and spoiler – she had WAY less stuff than me.


Now of course, Bea from Zero Waste Home is a true minimalist and that involves EVERYTHING in her home.  I’ve been slowly trying to reduce the amount of things in my home for over a year now, but I don’t think I could every truly get down to the bare minimum.  I’d like to blame that on my hoarding and “I might need this someday” excuses.


Anyways, today I’m focusing solely on my own closet and all my clothes.  Like last year, I didn’t include Halloween outfits (I think I have 3?) but other than that, I think I counted everything!


For my clothes count list this year, I kept the same categories as last time (with a couple of updates).  The numbers in {curly brackets} is the +/- compared to last year.  Any clothes in a regular (parentheses) are what I am saving for the future, planning on selling, etc.  Basically, I don’t wear these clothes but I still count them of course!

Clothes Count

  • Sweaters: 26 {-1}
  • Tee Shirts: 23 (+1) {-7}
  • Tank Tops: 36 {-2}
  • Button-Up Shirts: 12 {0}
  • Long Sleeves: 10 {-6}
  • Workout + PJ Shirts: 23 {+3}
  • Workout Bottoms: 18 {-1} (combined shorts and pants category)
  • Regular Shorts: 6 {-6}
  • Skirts: 11 {-7}
  • Dresses: 21 (+6) {+11}
  • Pants/Leggings: 16 (+3) {-2} (combined two categories)
  • PJ Bottoms: 12 {+1}
  • PJ Sets/Nightgowns: 8 {+2}
  • Undies: 61 {-5}
  • Bras: 22 {+2}
  • Pairs of Socks: 58 {+3}
  • Belts: 14 {0}
  • Tights: 20 {-5}
  • Bathing Suits: 12.5 {-0.5}
  • Pairs of Footwear: 20 {-1}
  • Purses + Wallets: 9 {-1}
  • Coats: 6 {-1}

The only category I removed was hats… I don’t wear hats that often and should probably purge those that I do have.  However, when I do wear them, I like to have different options.  Excuses, excuses!!!

Good news: my shorts and skirts numbers went down (thanks to my larger post-baby bum).  Bad news: I made up for it with the purchase of more dresses; and I really need to look at my sweaters, tanks and pyjamas more closely.  I also have a ridiculous amount of socks + undies, but I usually wear two pairs of socks in the winter – and don’t do laundry that often.


And if we’re being completely honest (how much more honest can I get when I’ve already told you how many undies I own right?) – I have not worked out in a while… so why keep all those outfits?

That brings my grand total up to 444.5 items (+10 that I am keeping/trying to sell at the moment).  Last year my goal was to get rid of HALF of my things.  And I only managed to get rid of about 50.  Not 50%.  Ugh.


Have you ever done a clothes count in your closet?  Obviously it’s pretty tedious, especially when you get to those socks; but I really think it’s a big wakeup call if you (are like me and) think that you don’t have that much stuff.  Make a fun game of it, think of a number and then see how close you are to your original guess!  I am still convinced that the Husband has more stuff than me, but he keeps not wanting to do a clothes count… weirdo haha!

Hopefully next year I have way less… but let’s be more realistic and get to under 300 items okay!?  As always, I normally track the stuff I bring in and remove from my house in my monthly updates

Wish me luck :)

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  • Reply
    Louise aka Mommy
    August 22, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    11 dresses added in a year?? do purses etc still at your parents count?

    • Reply
      August 23, 2016 at 7:47 am

      I know I recently bought 4 dresses, but I think the big number added includes all the ones that you had brought over to our house this year. As far as I know, I went through all the shoes and purses at your houses and took everything I needed.

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