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Colour Inspiration: Red

Looking to add some red in your life, or see how it can be used in home interiors? We’re kicking off our colour inspiration series with red!

red rooms graphic

Last year, I shared a colour inspiration series on my Facebook Page.  Each month, I shared a group of products following a particular colour, and I figured that I should do something similar here too!  In addition to my roundup, I’m also highlighting some beautiful, colourful rooms fitting the theme.  Starting with the first hue of the rainbow, check out this great colour inspiration with red!

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Before I start, let me mention something – I am Canadian, so it’s c-o-l-o-u-r.  Not color… sorry :)  I’ll be sharing all the colours of the rainbow within the next few weeks (aka red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink).  Let’s dive into our first colour, shall we!?

Red Interior Inspiration

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, why not make it a red space!?

red kitchens

The modern all-red kitchen on the left was photographed by HEJM and is a supersaturated example using bold red.  By comparison, the more traditional red cabinets in the kitchen on the right by New England Design Elements are another great way to feature the colour red.

red wallpaper in bedroom and dining room

Want to incorporate some red on your walls?  Both of these spaces feature amazing red wallpaper!  On the left, the bedroom designed by Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay, photographed by Lucas Allen for House & Garden UK, features fun white and red stripe walls.  On the right, the red dining room by Kevin Isbell, photographed by Read McKendree, is wrapped with red grasscloth wallpaper, and perfectly matches the trim work and chairs. 

red bath and laundry

Not interested in red walls?  These next two spaces showcase a heavy dose of red, but the walls were all left white.  On the left, the bathroom vanity offers a bright pop of colour, and it’s subtly echoed on the ceiling and accessories.  The room was designed by Luann Brandsen and this image is used with permission from Midwest Living®. ©2015 (Photography by: Werner Straube Photography LTD, Meredith Operations Corporation. All rights reserved).  On the right, wouldn’t the combo laundry/mudroom by Emily Tucker Design be a lovely surprise to walk into!? 

red painted built ins

Finally, the best of both worlds (aka red walls/cabinets) – I have these two spaces to share featuring red built-ins and trim work.  On the left, the burgundy/maroon shelves by Gwen (aka The Makerista) offer the perfect colourful backdrop for books/decor.  On the right, the combination built-ins, seating and window in a high-gloss finish looks like a great space to enjoy a rest!  This space was designed by Ashley Whittaker Design and photographed for House Beautiful by Thomas Loof, represented by Moon Management.

Red in my Space(s)

I used to decorate with red often.  In university, we had a bright red accent wall in the living room.  That’s when I got the red leather chair, and it was a feature in the living room of our last house

 striped accent wallred leather chair in living

I even had a whole post about trying to fix the peeling leather on the chair.  Our striped accent wall, which featured all the colours of the rooms we painted, had a red stripe too.  Again, it was an accent wall that was originally in our master bedroom (that you can sort of see here). 

red closetred wainscoting

In our current house, I painted the shared kids’ room a lovely shade of rust.  It borders on orange, but I definitely call it red :)  I wanted to match the curtains and had to mix the colour a few times before I got it right.  

Finally, in our basement apartment, I have accents of deep red/burgundy.  You can see some of the products linked below.

Red Home Products

Looking to add some red to your space?  Check out this modified product round-up that was originally posted on my Facebook Page.  (Affiliate links used – thanks for shopping!)

red products on white background

Product Sources:

  1. The burgundy rug used in our apartment
  2. A fun stand mixer
  3. Some red candlesticks 
  4. Christmas decor, or toy truck (similar)?
  5. The Red Fairy Book
  6. A cute divided lunch box
  7. This beautiful velvet chair
  8. A red french press
  9. Faux-leather backpack
  10. Macintosh apple-scented candle
  11. Set of two pillowcases (these are the ones we have in the apartment!) 
  12. And a red wagon (the one we have, and that I linked in my Gifts for Toddlers post)

Looking for more red colour inspiration?

red colour inspiration text overlay with red rooms

What about you?  Do you have any red furniture, walls or fun accessories in your house?  Red was Zachary’s favourite colour, and I’m sure if it were up to him, the whole house would be red!  (Now he says he prefers green… but I’m not painting their bedroom again, that’s for sure!). 

Stay tuned for the next rainbow colour series post (orange!).

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