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Happy Holidays 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends, family, and faithful blog readers :) Hopefully you took the time to enjoy the season!

elise toosie zachary christmas

It’s Christmas day, and although I don’t have a big juicy post for you today, I did still want to pop in and say Happy Holidays!  I’m writing this a bit ahead of time so I’m hoping that everything has gone smoothly for us this morning and maybe I’ve even gotten a nap in :)

Oh, and I’m also hoping the kids’ Christmas photo came in on time.  I ordered them a bit later this year and normally it’s 1-2 day printing but for some reason it was 5-10 days…  The main photo from this post is one of our “outtakes” from the second photoshoot.

And yes, I said second photoshoot because I had originally planned on doing photos at the rental house (we just got a green couch for the basement living room and I thought it would be the perfect backdrop).  But then it was dark and cloudy all week I wanted to take the photos, and I didn’t feel like actually opening the box and assembling the couch…

(After I lugged it in the house of course, ha!).

But stay tuned for the new year when you can actually see the plans for said green couch and the rest of the basement at the rental renovation.  It’s still an ongoing project, but I will be back in full swing chatting about everything soon enough :)

kids with santa

Oh, and here’s a photo of the little ones with Santa. (I can’t even handle that drool on Élise’s face, so cute!).

And since that’s probably all you have time to read on this busy day (or whenever you catch back up after taking a Christmas break), I’ll just leave you with one more photo:

christmas tree toddler

Hopefully your day was filled with merry and cheer…

And I’ll see you next year :)

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