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Yearly Recap 2021

Looking back on the projects we wanted to complete in 2021 and what was actually accomplished. This yearly recap for 2021 is short and sweet!

three kids and dog standing near evergreen tree

As we approach the end of the year, I thought it would be a great idea to look back and see what we did around the house/blog.  I’ll be sharing my plans for 2022 in a separate post, so this one is just our yearly recap of 2021.  Aka, the year of the big projects!

2021 Highlights

Here are some of the big things we completed this year!

Our Plans for 2021 vs. What we Accomplished

Last year, I shared all the plans that I wanted to accomplish in our house While you can see what we accomplished above, let’s compare to what I had originally planned:

Redo the kitchen – check!

Fun trim in the basement downstairs – nope… BUT we did give the whole basement a refresh, so it was a bit of a pivot.

Élise in a big bed – check!  (I think I meant to write that we’d do a bedroom makeover at the same time, ha).

Addressing the rest of our yard – check!

Big backyard makeover – nope.  I shared the potential plans I was thinking here.  I really wanted a pergola, but that didn’t happen.  And now we might pivot, no big deal :)

Basement bathroom? – sort of check.  We did give the bathroom a facelift as part of our basement refresh.  But it wasn’t the full renovation I originally wanted (I shared the plans here).

Maybe the upstairs hallway, finishing the dining room, cleaning basement clutter.  Nope, sort of, and yes!

three young kids and dog standing on snow covered porch with small faux evergreen tree

It’s funny, since we didn’t even have the cottage on our radar at the end of 2020.  But that HUGE project really took up a lot of time (and money in 2021).  And yes, we still have a long way to go in 2022!

Next week, I’m going to be sharing my plans for 2022.  You can bet that a few of the ones we didn’t finished will make it to that list :)

Oh, and happy holidays!

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