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Long-Distance Gender Reveal

We did a unique smell-o-gram to send to family and friends who live far away; and today I’m listing some other long-distance gender reveal ideas.

gender reveal smell-o-gram

In case you missed the news, we’re expecting baby #2 in the spring and we’re starting to get things organized for this bundle’s arrival (sharing the nursery plans next week!).  Today I’m listing some long-distance gender reveal ideas, and sharing the unique thing we did to let our far friends and family know the gender.  Spoiler: it’s a gender-reveal smell-o-gram, so let me give you a bit more info!

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For the first baby we had, we chose to wait until the delivery to find out the gender.  This pregnancy, we switched it up and found out ahead of time – but I’ve kept it a secret from our friends and family!  (I also hid it from the Husband for a few weeks, but had a mini-reveal for him at Christmas with a stocking full of gender revealing outfits).

While there are certainly many gender-reveal party ideas, most involving cake, sibling participation, some sort of messy activity (ie: paint-filled balloons, silly string, paint, dust); it was hard to find fun long-distance gender reveal ideas online.

Of course, you can always turn any reveal into a fun photoshoot to send to your friends and family – but I prefer to keep people guessing and not give it up right away!

Why keep the secret?

Well, I’ve always waited until the first trimester was over to tell people about our pregnancy.  The first time, you-know-who blabbed to all his friends beforehand, and I was much stricter this time around.  Everyone likes to spill a “secret” or juicy gossip, but I really wanted to tell our friends and family together, so that’s what we did with our parents.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber – you also got the message ahead of time.  I had a small caveat in there to not share the news with other people, but unfortunately, some of our relatives missed that section, and spread the news anyways!

So I wanted my own “secret” to share.  Something I could tell people on my own terms, since I missed out on telling everyone about the pregnancy…

Long-Distance Gender-Reveal Ideas

Most of our family (aka grandparents) are currently living far away, we knew it would make more sense to find a unique and fun way to tell them the gender by sending them something in the mail.  Essentially, you can send almost anything to reveal the gender, from small packages to cards with photos.

Gender-Reveal Food Packages

  • Her”she”y or Hers”he”y bars
  • White bubblegum that turns blue or pink when chewed
  • White Kool-Aid that turns blue or pink when mixed
  • Water that fizzes/changes colour (apparently not drinkable though)

Gender-Reveal Packages

  • Clothing (although, why do other people want baby clothes?)
  • Pink and blue balloons that need to be inflated (either put holes in the wrong one, or write on them “yes” or “no”).
  • Eggs that you have to crack open (DIY eggs here)

Gender-Reveal Letters

  • Confetti Explosion
  • Gender Scratchers (DIY here)
  • Smell-o-gram!

I went towards the cheaper side, as it’s obviously more cost-effective to just send a card rather than a package!

Our Long-Distance Baby Gender Reveal: Smell-O-Gram

Because I love to be unique and original, I decided to send a baby gender-reveal smell-o-gram to our family and friends!  I had never heard of it before, so why not!?

We had a bunch of thank-you cards leftover from the pink and blue baby shower, and I knew they would work perfectly.  If you don’t have blue and pink cards, you can always use something generic.


I made up a super simple poem and wrote it on each card, then placed them on the table to get sprayed with a gender-revealing smell.

What are some ideas for gender smells?  Think floral or fruity perfumes for girls, and extra-manly colognes for guys (like Axe Body spray!).

Just make sure not to spray directly on the ink, because you may get some leakage/bleeding (see example in the photo below).


I also printed a little insert that I included in each card (mostly because I was too lazy to handwrite the same message for everyone).  Basically saying that although we are doing a reveal, nothing is 100% accurate and by sending them a card, we’re not hoping to receive anything in return.


I gave a spritz of two different gender-revealing scents (I didn’t want any confusion in case one of the smells faded overtime), but hopefully it’s pretty obvious to the people who are receiving cards!


Our friends and family should be receiving their cards in the mail any day now (I sent them last week), but this blog post shouldn’t be giving anything away in case they didn’t get them yet!  While it was fun to think of long-distance gender reveal ideas and come up with the smell-o-gram reveals, I don’t know if I would want to do it again – the pressure is way too intense not to tell people.

(And it’s kind of rude to say “mind your own business” whenever people ask you).

I think the next babies will just be surprises again like Zachary was :)

Nicole Q-Schmitz name signoff

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