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2015 Monthly Updates

Recap of my blog’s 2015 monthly updates. Originally individual posts, now the highlights are much shorter and quicker to read!

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When I first started my blog, I would write monthly updates as a sort of catch-up on all the things that I was doing, planning, etc.  In 2022, I decided to clean up my website; so, I’ve condensed all the original posts into easy (and quick) to read highlights.  Here’s what happened in 2015: 

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Looking to The Future of This Blog

I started my DIY blog in January 2015. It was originally called the Q-Schmitz Home Design + DIY Blog. “So, let’s look to the future together – I’m excited to see what it has to bring!”

Plans for February 2015. At the start of every month I like to look back and see what I have accomplished, and then look ahead at all the organization, renovation and DIY projects I will be doing.

February 2015

Our first kitchen renovation, our garage door broke, attended a local homeshow and started going through my clothes

Looking back at February and forward into March 2015. My monthly update for March (with a bit of foreshadowing to a new minimalist lifestyle perhaps?)

March 2015 (And Moving Towards Minimalism)

Tootsie, my first dog, is 6-months old. The Husband bought me some flowers, I made these yummy brownie sandwiches and we continued work in the kitchen. I also started reading about minimalism and was first influenced by this zero waste home article.

snow dusted deck with shed in backyard

April 2015 (Showers)

Setup a small wedding display shelf in our bedroom, installed kitchen wall cabinets and base cabinets and mounted the handles. Talked about The Happiness Project and moved all my clothes into boxes to see what I wore.

The Monthly Updates on the blog for May 2015 (and some pictures of our plants starting to grow)

May 2015 (Flowers and Sun)

Shared plans for the front yard, veggie garden and back deck. Finishing our kitchen and realizing that our summer was shaping up to be busy!

Are you planning a wedding? Make sure to read my list of 5 things I wish I had done differently on our wedding day (written on our one year anniversary).

June 2015 (One Year Anniversary)

Wrote about our DIY wedding vases, alternative guest book and wedding programs. I also discussed the 5 things I would change about our wedding day.

July 2015 (Summer is Here!)

Wrote about our raised garden beds and how we filled it with veggies and finished our deck benches. I started recording items I removed and added to our home.

Because I live in the middle of nowhere Ontario Canada, I was super excited that I got to travel and actually meet other home and DIY bloggers at the Haven Conference! Here is a quick-ish recap of my time :)

Haven Conference Recap

I attended my first blogging conference in Atlanta Georgia. I didn’t talk to anyone at all the first day, but by day 2+3 I was meeting lots of other bloggers. The Husband came too but did all the touristy stuff. We went to a dine-in movie theatre, that was fun!

August 2015 is going to be busy! There are never enough weekends in the summer to have a balance between working on projects and enjoying the nice weather.

August 2015 (Random Plants)

Finished our major backyard projects, went to Miami for a girls’ trip and cleaned out the eavestroughs. Talked about shopping bans and tracking spending.

September is one of those months where people make resolutions; like New Years' Day and your birthday month - it's a time when you try to set new goals for the months/year ahead.

September 2015 (Goodbye Summer)

Continuing with minimalism and our garden started producing veggies. We also started the walkway and sideyard. Recapped all our summer projects and started going through my toiletries (got rid of/used over 25 things). Tootsie had her first birthday!

What are your plans for October? While people have been talking about fall décor and pumpkins and all things orange for the past month, I've been grasping on to the last bits of summer and wishing the weather would stay nice for just a bit longer.

October 2015 (All Things Orange)

Fixed the gate hardware (ish) and made a trip to the dump to clean up our yard. Accidentally tinted some of my clothes pink/red.

Let's make this month a November to remember! I hope that it is a month of rest and relaxation for all, and I look forward to what December will bring :)

November 2015 (Remember)

Shared our bathroom before and after our renovation. Organized my baking cabinet and worked on our primary closet organization. Tootsie started doing obedience training.

December is here, and the end of the year is near! Can you believe it? Do you have any last-minute projects you’re tackling this year?

December 2015 (It’s Here!)

Organized our front closet, shared our living room tour and gifts that keep giving. We had snow, and then we didn’t so I added the last patio stone to our walkway.


So There’s This Thing…

Possibly the biggest news of 2015? I announced that I was pregnant! I dropped a lot of subtle hints on Instagram and Facebook leading up to the news, but the official announcement came in mid-December.

Did you enjoy this recapped version of 2015?  I also have one for 2016 and 2017!  Or, just check out my other family/life updates here

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