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Marble Wallpaper Table Makeovers

Looking for a no-mess marble-look surface? These two marble wallpaper table makeovers can easily be adapted to fit a variety of projects!

marble wallpaper table makeover

I’ve been on a bit of a marble kick lately, and I’m back today to share another way to get the marble-look on your furniture.  Compared to the paint pour marble table and nightstands I did, this project is a LOT cleaner!  These two marble wallpaper table makeovers can easily be adapted to fit a variety of projects, so let me share the details!

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I may be late to the marble-loving train, but I’ve been going hard trying to catch up :)  Marble is such a timeless material/pattern that it can easily fit among the newest trends, and the traditional classics.

marble wallpaper table graphic

Anyways, I promised that this project was not messy, but it’s also relatively simple and pain-free as well!  You don’t need a lot of materials, but here’s a small list:

Marble-Look Materials Needed

The first item up to the marble chopping block was this two-tier desk I picked up secondhand.

wood desk before makeover

I had been searching for a small desk for the basement apartment for some time now.  It needed to be under a certain width to fit into a little cubby space, and I finally found one a few weeks ago!

The metal sides were originally a silver colour, but I spray painted them gold before loading the desk into the truck and bringing it over.

marble wallpaper materials

I ordered a wide roll of marble-look wallpaper to fit my desk dimensions, and got to work!

prepping marble wallpaper

Being in the roll, it was tricky to get the wallpaper to unravel nicely.  I found it easiest to cut the length I needed (adding a few inches for overhang), then roll the paper the opposite way using another tube. 

A Marble Wallpaper (and Gold) Desk

first marble wallpaper area

Once the wallpaper wasn’t annoyingly curling back into itself, I slowly peeled the backing off and applying it to my cleaned desk surface.  The paper was exactly the right width for the desk, and I found it was extremely tricky to get it lined up properly.

I used an old gift card to smooth out the bubbles but did have to bring the paper up a few times to line it up.

cutting marble wallpaper along edges

For the lower portion of my desk, I didn’t want to go through the hassle of lining the edges up perfectly.  I rotated the paper around and cut a larger piece, this time using a utility knife to cut along the edge.

marble wallpaper desk makeover

The bottom section went a lot smoother!  I should note that I also wrapped the wallpaper around the front and back edges of the desk, and it looks super sharp :)

faux marble and gold desk

My extra tip would be to make sure you have at least an inch or two of overhang on the bottom section so that it doesn’t peel back up.  Not sure if it’s because it was too short (just under an inch) OR because a certain little toddler baby likes to try to peel the wallpaper off, but I do have to occasionally run my fingers along the bottom edge of my desk to re-stick the paper.

Marble Wallpaper Side Table

I wasn’t even thinking about marble-ing the side table (aka tv tray) that we had… but I had a lot of leftover material!

wood tv tray

I found this TV tray when I cleaned out the Husband’s office.  It was then my makeshift nightstand for a while, you know, before I built our custom nightstands.  We needed a side table in the living room since moving the other ones into the bedroom and marbling them too (we move a lot of stuff around it seems!). 

painting tv tray base

Anyways, I knew that this table would get painted, as it had a lot of watermarks on the top that needed to be addressed.  I couldn’t decide on a colour that wouldn’t clash with our furniture/colour scheme, so black and marble it was!

marble wallpaper side table

Once the legs were painted black, I added the same marble wallpaper to the top portion.  I didn’t have any metal sides to contend with, but this surface was a bit trickier since I wanted to wrap the marble wallpaper around all the edges.

rounded corners for marble wallpaper

The corners definitely look a bit wonky, but I’m hoping that the marble wallpaper sticks down.

marble wallpaper table makeover

Besides, for a free TV table that has been moved around a lot, it’s looking a lot better than it did :)  The marble wallpaper is also easily wipeable, so no more water stains!

marble wallpaper sidetable

And yes, that is the tiniest sneak peek of our basement living room (see the moodboard here!).  We have a few more pieces to bring into the space, but I’m still undecided so you’ll have to wait a while for this one’s reveal :)

marble wallpaper table makeovers graphic

Were those two marble wallpaper table makeovers not the easiest things you have ever seen?  I still have a bit of wallpaper left, although I’ll probably just do the blogger thing and make a photography backdrop out of the leftovers :)

Now that you’ve seen the marble paint pour tables and these wallpaper tables, do you have a preference?  These require the littlest setup, wait-time and are pretty much mess-free.  But the marble pour tables are a super custom look, if that’s what you’re going for!

Anyways, next week I’m sharing a much anticipated completed room from the basement apartment… so come back to check it out :)

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