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One Year Home Tour!

This one year home tour includes photos & a video walkthrough. How we live, what’s done and what’s left in our Northern Ontario raised ranch.

raised ranch with detached garage

Yes, we’ve been at our house for one year!  It seems a little crazy, especially considering a lot of the projects that got done around here.  Well, that and the fact that we closed on the house the same week that things started shutting down due to the pandemic.  So ya, it’s been a year of that too!  Anyways, let me show you around for the one year home tour of our raised ranch :)

I also do a video walkthrough of our house here, so you can get a better sense of the flow. (And see more mess…)

one year home tour

We’re in the middle of our kitchen renovation, so things aren’t perfectly in place.  But this is how we’ve been living, ha! 

Let’s start with the newly updated entry:

raised ranch entry

I took the photos/videos when the kids were gone to school/daycare – so they have their big winter gear with them.  Even so, spring is coming and I’m excited to have less stuff here!

Basement Tour

messy basement

Our basement hasn’t changed much visually, and it’s mostly been our go-to for storage.  (First for the garage build, and now the kitchen renovation).

basement walkout

We had less snow this year, so you can actually walk out to the backyard now.

basement guest room

The guest bedroom furniture has been shuffled around a bit.  I like the layout better with the bed under the window (easier for two guests to get around).  And you’ll see my Rast hack in action (although incomplete). 

basement laundry and workout room

The laundry room got a big organisational overhaul after the garage was finished.  Even so, there’s a bit of stuff that spilled out from the Husband’s room that needs to be dealt with.  Speaking of which, he uses his workout room a LOT, so I like that he has a designated space.

Upstairs Tour

office living combo

Moving up to our main living/working space!

grey sectional sofa

The only change here is updated lighting.  Well, and you never know how the kids are going to have the pillows/blankets/toys arranged. 

gray sectional sofa

Spoiler, I cleaned up for these photos hahahah.

wood paneled wall behind tv

A couple of months ago (a bit after Christmas), we did a secret toy purge.  Our 3 bins were always overflowing and the kids didn’t even play with half of the stuff.  They’ve only asked about one thing since, so nothing was really missed. 

real life home tour

I’ve also taken out one of the bins in favour of exposed book storage.  (The books were too heavy for the bins too).  I tried the vertical rainbow display method but opted for a combo instead.  I like to stack the board books from biggest to smallest, then have the thin/paperbacks upright as a rainbow.  There’s one little book on the other side, but that’s a library book so I can’t mix it up, ha. 

Kitchen Sneak Peek

desk setup in living room

Looking to the office/dining room side is where things start to get a little messy.

office and dining room

We moved our kitchen storage shelf next to the desk, and things have been shuffling around that too.

dining room kitchen

The fridge is also in this space, along with a small card table set up as a prep zone.  We’ve had to move the dining table over to access that, and there are a lot of plants that have made their way over too.

temporary kitchen

It’s still tight to open the fridge.  Whoever is stuck sitting on that side of the table is usually in charge of getting things out.

fridge in dining room

We have our new fridge on order and I figured it didn’t make sense to move the old one back (just to move it out again).  In this pulled back view, you can see where the old walls used to be, and our little wall where the island will go.  There will be cabinets on the left side and an overhang and stools where that table is now. 

walls opened from kitchen

We’ve since covered the wall in drywall, so it looks a tiny bit different.  We have 2 out of the 3 cabinets for this island built and might put them in soon.

view to kitchen during renovation

The biggest view change is definitely from the living room.  Here’s what it used to look like a year ago:

raised ranch dining room

I can’t wait to get this kitchen done done done, but we still have a while to go.

Bedroom/Bathroom Tour

rainbow bathroom

Our bathroom was one of the latest rooms to get a makeover.  It was completed as part of the Fall One Room Challenge, and other than being used as our dishwashing area, most of it still looks great!  Unfortunately, some of the painted tub parts have started to yellow, but everything else has held up.

nursery with teal crib

Félix’s nursery is still cute, and he mostly sleeps through the night (I know, whyyyyyyyyy).  I can’t imagine this room changing for a few years (probably when he transitions to a big bed).

shared kids room

Speaking of which, Élise has been going through that change herself.  She currently sleeps in both her “petit lit” aka the crib, and the “gros lit” aka the bed.  We’ll be tackling this room for the next One Room Challenge, so she has about a month before I take the crib out completely.  Things are tight with all the furniture now! 

purple main bedroom

And, since I mentioned the last couple of One Room Challenges, you must have known that I would share this room too.  Ha, and the fact that it’s the last one on our tour!  Our main bedroom was the first room to get a makeover in this house, and I still love everything about it.  There’s usually more dirty laundry on the floor (thanks Husband), but otherwise, it looks like this.

One Year Home Tour Video

Check out the video above to get a walkthrough of the space (with commentary).  You might get a better sense of how everything works together.

But, before I leave, can we just talk about how much snow we had last year:

beige raised ranch exterior

I did the video/photo tour within days (a year apart) of each other, but the amount of snow last year was intense.

home tour one year later

I am so happy I didn’t have to shovel all that snow this year. Especially with our new super wide driveway, ha.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one year home tour and checked out the video too. Please let me know if you have any questions or wanted more information on a certain project/room I covered.

Let’s hope the next year goes well too!

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