Blue & Silver Christmas Tree

A blue and silver Christmas tree with white feather boas and a fur tree skirt. This is a fun and simple take on the winter wonderland theme!

white boa with silver and blue ornaments

When I was thinking about our Christmas tree colour scheme, I was a bit stumped!  In the end, I decided to go with a “winter wonderland with pops of blue” theme.  It’s essentially a simple blue and silver Christmas tree, and all the colour and decor come from ornament balls!  Of course, I do have my signature white feather boas (the first time I used them!) and some fun tinsel garland too… let’s check it out! 

This post was originally part of “Christmas Tree Decor Ideas” written November 22, 2016. The photos have been updated and everything refreshed July 16, 2022.

PS: because I updated an older post, I kept all of the text in the past tense.  There are some newer updates, but it shouldn’t be too confusing.  I hope you enjoy this blast from the past! 

blue and silver christmas tree text overlay with closeup

Last year, our tree was in the living room upstairs.  In fact, we had placed it there every year since living in our (old) house… but this year the Husband and I thought it was time for a change, so we set it up downstairs!

panelled basement walls with plaid chair

I decided to put it next to the fireplace, where our chair and table were. (You can see more photos of our country basement here AND how it looked after we updated it here).  This was the easiest spot to get to and had the least amount of furniture to move.

baby reaching for silver ornament

I also “splurged” on a white faux fur tree skirt.  And by tree skirt, I actually just mean a piece of bulk fabric I bought and cut a tiny hole in the centre.  It’s over 5′ x 5′ and was on sale, so I’m happy I didn’t have to buy a “real” tree skirt which would have been much smaller and cost a lot more.

In the future, I want a larger tree – so I figured that having a big tree skirt would work better then too.  Even the little man got into the Christmas spirit as I decorated our tree!

blue silver christmas tree in basement with text

Our White, Blue & Silver Christmas Tree

christmas tree with lights in panelled basement

Our 6′ tree fits nicely in this space in the basement!  And the white fur tree skirt really fills up the ground here. 

blue and silver christmas tree with white boas

I used the same silver garland as last year but decided to add some white feather boas around the tree too.

white feather boas in christmas tree

Most of our balls are silver, but there are some bright blue ones scattered throughout as well.

blue sparkly boxes with silver ornaments

This was our first Christmas with a baby, and I knew that he would be really interested in the Christmas balls.  Placing some on the ground (in the DIY wedding vases I made) gave him something to play with.  

christmas tree in basement next to brick fireplace

I really like how the white feathers glow in the lights, and they add a lot of fullness to our fake tree.  PS: there’s the tiniest sneak peek of our decorated mantel that I shared here.

christmas tree with lights in basement

I was originally going to do a winter wonderland with pops of pink but decided on blue at the last minute.  It makes more sense, ha. 

silver and blue christmas tree decor

Yep, just might have to reuse the feather boa idea next year!  (PS: I’ve used boas in my trees every year since!)

white blue silver christmas tree

I’m happy with our tree this year – it looks especially nice in the daytime too!  Next year I might go with a “wine and champagne” coloured tree, but who knows what I’ll feel like then.  (PS: I did a jewel-toned tree, so sort of similar).

blue christmas balls with silver tinsel

This white, blue and silver Christmas tree is a simple design but really works as a winter wonderland theme.  It’s kind of a traditional, non-traditional look and I am OBSESSED with the boas.

Do you decorate your tree the same way every year, or do you like to switch up the style?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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