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I’m sharing some brunch beverages that you can make. From infused water to an adults-only drink, your beverage selection will be the hit of the next party!

I'm sharing some brunch beverages that you can make for your next gathering. From infused water to an adults-only drink, your beverage selection will be the hit of the next party!

We just celebrated our family Easter brunch, and we hosted the event this year!  Typically, each couple/family attending brings one prepared breakfast food item (think potatoes, bacon, etc.) and we all share the meal potluck style.  As hosts, we also provided drinks – so today I’m sharing some brunch beverages that you can make for your next family gathering (Mother’s Day maybe?).

I like to offer a variety of beverage options, so in addition to the traditional staples like orange juice, chocolate milk and coffee; we also had some infused “fancy” water and an adults-only punch!


I was sent a free bottle of Two Oceans’ Sauvignon Blanc, and I knew I would be using it to make a type of punch.  I don’t normally drink wine myself, but EVERYONE in my family seems to like it haha!  Actually, the Husband was upset that I didn’t get him a bottle of red wine… although I knew it would have been finished a few days before we even had the Easter brunch.


There are many different recipes online, but I wanted to make a unique concoction that would taste nice and fresh for brunch.

Here is what we came up with:

  • Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (750 ml)
  • Equal parts watermelon juice (750 ml)
  • Cleaned mint leaves (maybe 20?)
  • Juice from one can of pineapples (about 1 cup)

I mixed all those ingredients together and let them refrigerate overnight.  The next morning, I stirred everything together again and added one small can of club soda (about 1 cup).


Simply pour over ice, and add a slice of lime on top! I also left some cans of club soda nearby, so that people could add more if they wanted extra fizz.


I set up the brunch beverage station on our console table in the living room, and had a little sign with the instructions for the drink.  As you can tell from the photo above, it was a popular option!

Oh and that infused “fancy” water I mentioned? 

Simply chop up a cucumber, lemon, ginger and some mint leaves and place them in a pitcher overnight.  It makes such a fresh tasting drink, and none of the ingredients overpower one another.  We usually keep the pitcher in the fridge and just add more water as it gets empty.  It should last a few days at least (just make sure to check the cucumbers, as they are usually the first ingredient to go).


This year, we had the brunch food placed on the counters in our kitchen and everyone served themselves buffet-style.  Have I ever mentioned that breakfast food is my favourite?  Everything was super delicious :)


And yes, I do have to admit that I did enjoy my brunch beverage concoction!  So that could mean one of two thing A) I now like wine or B) the drink was that good – either way, I would probably make it again.


I may have to attempt some other mixed wine drinks in the future, but for now I will revel in the glory of this success (haha!).  Like the infused water, the ingredients I used weren’t too overpowering, so everything seemed to meld well together.  You could even mix the lime slices in overnight for more a citrus kick, and as I mentioned before, add more club soda for fizz.

Similar recipes call for the addition of rum… but this was a brunch beverage so I didn’t want to make it too strong :)

Note: I received a free bottle of Two Oceans’ Sauvignon Blanc.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more details.



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