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Deep Teal Nursery Plans (Goodbye Pink Room!)

Sharing more about the plans, progress, to-do list and some design mockups for our deep teal nursery. Goodbye gray and pink guest bedroom!

deep teal nursery mockup

We’re trudging along in our new nursery and I have a lot to catch you up on since I shared the colour journey with you last week!  We technically started working on the space a few weeks ago, but I’ve been slowly plugging away at smaller things since the start of the year.  Let me update you on what needs to be accomplished in the space, the past and (more) present photos of the progress AND I’ll share some mockups of where we are heading for our deep teal nursery!

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Ok SO!  Last week I shared the before-before photos of the guest bedroom that we’re turning into our new nursery, along with the colour scheme for the space.  As promised, today I’ll dive deeper into what colours are going where – but first, let me show you some more photos of where we started!

gray and pink bedroom without furniture

Zachary is wearing the same shirt as the photos last week – totally not the same day though haha!

The biggest transformation was obviously getting rid of the double bed and nightstand that we had in there.  I decided to sell everything as a set (bedframe, nightstands, mattress, sheets) and it surprisingly went pretty quickly!  I think I posted them online in the second or third weekend in January, and after having a lot of people interested, they were sold and picked up within 24 hours!

Which left a few random items still in the room, including the rug I scored second hand, the magnet board (that turned into a desk organizer!), the gallery ledge and prints, and a closet full of stuff I still need to donate.

patching holes in wall

I took everything out (minus the rug which is supposed to go in our bedroom) and started patching holes and what not.  The Husband and I then removed all the baseboards and casings (because we have some great new ones coming instead!)… and I realized I had more patching to do where the old casings were forcibly removed…

pink walls and room before

I’m pretty sure Tootsie’s expression says “Oh no, not again Momma!”

At one point I did keep the stuff that will be staying in this room in the closet, but it was getting to be too much of a hassle to move them in and out, so now they’re sitting on the floor of our bedroom.

unpainted closet

Because ya, this closet needs to be painted pretty badly!  I think it was dark gray or something when we moved in, and we gave it a quick coat or two of priming – but it’s still not nice looking.  (Spoiler: I’ve literally painted it 3 times in the last 2 weeks and it STILL isn’t nice and white!).

Deep Teal Nursery Design Plans

Here’s a reminder of the colour scheme for the space:

Ready to see where each colour will be featured?

deep teal nursery mockup

Okay, maybe you could have guessed – but the deep teal (Jasper Park 117E) will be painted in the top half of the room, while the bottom half will be Livingsten Grey.  I didn’t like the 3 gray walls and one bright accent wall we had in there before, so I’m thinking this will add that fun punch of colour, but still being a bit muted on the bottom.

The 3 accent colours will be found in all the accessories throughout the nursery, and I’m hoping to have at least 3 items of each so there is a balance between them.

I totally used the same room layout from the Greenery Nursery I designed last year, but our room isn’t exactly symmetrical like this one.  I will be incorporating some of the same great Wayfair pieces though, so stay tuned for more details!

wainscotting pattern ideas

For the base of the walls (aka the gray part), we’ll be adding a super cool wainscoting design using Metrie finishing trim.  I came up with 5 different pattern options, and will be keeping the surprise over which we chose (do you have a favourite?).

deep teal nursery layout with rug choices

I’ll also be adding a new rug in the space, and honestly, this was probably the toughest decision of the whole room!  I didn’t know if I wanted something bright and colourful, in shades of pink or shades of blue (or something else entirely!).  I literally pinned hundreds of options (after looking at THOUSANDS of rugs) and in the end I’m super happy with what we chose (again – you’ll have to wait for the surprise haha!).

Nursery To-Do List

Here are all the top-level things to do:

As mentioned, we did get to some of the items on the list, so I think the first 5 or so are finished?  I’ve also started on a few of the later items, but I have a lot of incomplete projects on the go right now!  I think that the wainscoting, while soon-to-be-awesome, is probably going to take me the longest of everything on this list… so I’ll definitely be working on that for the next while!

But you want to see some more up-to-date pictures right!?

starting to paint deep teal in nursery

I was super excited to get the PARA paint Jasper Park up on the walls so that I could get this room started after demo (you know, the minimal demo that we did do – ha!).  Oh, and this is a good picture to show the ceiling fan – I want all the blades to be black, and I’m hoping that they’re reversible and I can just flip them (if not, spray paint is always my friend haha!).  The lightbulb is also a bright blue LED, and it takes a LONG time to brighten up – so I’ll be switching that soon too…

deep teal nursery progress

I’m thinking that I’ll have my door makeovers completed next week to share with you guys.  Without removing them at all, I’ve started transforming them from blah-flat to cool and detailed, and I’ll be updating the handle/pull too thanks to Liberty Hardware.

deep teal nursery plans

I’ll have a couple more projects to share with you as we get closer to my completion/reveal date (aiming for March 13th!) and then I’ll of course be talking about some of the details afterwards too.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of our deep teal nursery plans!  From seeing the colour journey last week, are the design mockups how you envisioned it?  It’s definitely going to be a bright and bold room (but I think still moody and dark right?), and I know I’m excited to have more projects knocked off the list!

Oh and the Husband, he thinks we should have just painted the walls and called it quits…

But it’s going to be great when it’s done :)

Nicole Q-Schmitz name signoff

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