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Painted Concrete Cloud Floors

These painted concrete cloud floors were a fun addition to our basement guest bedroom. Read this to avoid making a mistake your first time!

I think I am obsessed with painting floors!  This was my third or fourth floor painting project (and it probably won’t be my last!).  Unfortunately, I made a mistake on my first attempt at these painted concrete cloud floors and had to redo them.  But don’t worry, they look great now! 

As a reminder, our raised ranch basement started out like this!  In the second week of this makeover challenge, I removed old vinyl flooring, the third week I painted the entry and in the fourth week I removed the carpet in the bedroom.  Last week, I shared the wall-mounted headboard and some painted floors.

easy painted cloud floors

This post was originally titled “Cloud Floors & Stained Nightstands (ORC Week 6)”. It has been split into two posts, read about the Ikea Rast Hack Stained Nightstands here!

Ready to learn about the cloud-painted floors!?  

First, I removed the very old carpet from this room.  At that point, I painted the cleaned concrete floors.  Unfortunately, my first attempt at painting clouds didn’t turn out…

Bedroom Floor Paint (Failed Round 1)

I knew I wanted to do some sort of spongy/cloudy pattern on the bedroom floors. I prepped three containers of colour, a light one, a grey one, and a mixed blue one (that I hoped would match the floors).

prepping paint for floors

While it looked okay as I was doing them, I didn’t notice until after we had gotten back (and they dried) that the mixed paint was not the same as before.

cloud pattern on floor

It was a bit darker, and the cute little clouds now had weird dark sponge splotches.

dark spots on floor

I thought I was blending it more, and only realized at the end of the room that I could have just used the lightest colour to achieve the same look. Some areas were VERY obvious sponge marks, and I was not okay with that.

messy sponge painting on floor

The closet area shows it a bit more – not good! I took a poll on my Instagram stories, and most people voted to paint over everything and start from scratch.

repainting the bedroom floor

So, I remixed another batch of custom colour, then rolled over everything again. There are three good points now though. 1) I have a bit of extra mixed paint in case I need to do touch-ups. 2) I practised my cloud technique and figured out the best approach. And 3) there was a small crack in the concrete, but after 4 coats of paint, it’s pretty much gone, ha!

Painted Concrete Cloud Floors

Essentially, I just did the cloud sponging with the lighter colour.  I did not have to blend two/three colours together, and it dried pretty much exactly how it looked :) 

painted cloud floors

This is the second version! 

cloud painted concrete

I’m much happier with these, and it should add just enough interest.

cloud painted floor

I did a combo of the cute arches and spongy clouds.  It almost looks like white rainbows in some spots :)

rug in bedroom

But don’t forget, the bed will pretty much block most of it.  I put my rug down and the tapes show the approximate bed location. 

About the One Room Challenge

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Follow my basement project:

Basement Reset BEFORE (ORC Week 1)
Removing Old Vinyl Flooring (ORC Week 2)
Painted Basement Entry (ORC Week 3)
Removing Carpets & Painting Concrete (ORC Week 4)
Wall Mounted Headboard & Hex Floors (ORC Week 5)
Cloud Floors & Stained Nightstands (ORC Week 6 – now!)

And my budget breakdown: 

2nd Week: – 2.95$
3rd Week: – 7.20$
4th Week: + 29$
5th Week: – 49.48$

This week I purchased wood for the nightstands at 40.67 and a pot for 7.90 (I didn’t include the Rast price since I bought it months ago and will use at the cottage too).

Total: 79.20$ spent so far

painted concrete cloud floors

As a reminder, I originally had all the same information written with the Rast nightstand post.  Hopefully, everything is easier to find this way – and you learned more about painted concrete cloud floors :)

Or you know, have a better idea of how to do something similar! 

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