Family Wizard of Oz Costumes

Looking for family Wizard of Oz costumes? Check out how everyone is dressed for tips & ideas on what to wear (or buy) for your group costume.

family wizard of oz costumes

We’re getting to my favourite holiday, so today is undoubtedly one of my favourite posts to write!  I’m unveiling our Halloween costumes for this year :)  With three little children, I knew it would be the perfect time to do family Wizard of Oz costumes.  Let’s check them out!

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Even though we’re not sure how Halloween will look this year because of COVID, I couldn’t miss this costume opportunity.  I’ve been wanting to do the Wizard of Oz since we started having kids :)

wizard of oz family costumes

With over a month left to go, you can certainly recreate these looks in time, or check-out these other Halloween family/group costume ideas:

I had been planning/prepping for Halloween for the last couple of months.  So, whenever I would visit the thrift store or secondhand stores, I’d have my list of costume clothing handy.  I was able to get most of the stuff secondhand, but I’ll include links to the full outfits and/or accessories if you’re crunched for time.

wizard of oz kids

I chose the kids’ costumes based on the order that Dorothy meets them in the movie.  So first is the Scarecrow (our oldest), then the tin man, then the lion (our baby).

Ready to see our Wizard of Oz looks?

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

scarecrow costume

I wanted to share this outfit because I had specifically bought a hat for the scarecrow.  We could not find it in time for the photos but had something similar for his individual shot.  For the straw, I thought that I would use some beige fabric from a shirt, but ended up finding a hula skirt that worked perfectly!

wizard of oz scarecrow

I cut the hula skirt into four pieces (to be tied to his arms and legs).  Then, I cut the length in half and used the extra pieces as accessories around his neck and waist.

Recreate the Scarecrow Look using Amazon Items:

Wizard of Oz Tin Man (or Toddler Tin Lady!)

wizard of oz tinman toddler

I lucked out a couple of months ago when I found a grey dress with a silver lining.  I just had to turn it around for photos, and we were good to go!  Our Halloweens are usually a bit chilly, so I also picked up a long sleeve grey dress and a tuque.  Grey tights, a spray-painted funnel and a dollar store axe complete the look.  (We’ll probably add gloves for Halloween night too).

Recreate the Tin Man Look using Amazon Items:

Wizard of Oz Lion

baby lion costume

Okay, another reason that I chose to do Wizard of Oz costumes was that we already had the lion costume!  It’s the same one we used a few years ago for Beauty and the Beast.  I did buy a similar coloured warm onesie (and hat) so we can wear that underneath when we do our trick-or-treating.  But otherwise, our little lion was ready to go :)

Recreate the Cowardly Lion using Amazon Items:

wizard of oz kid costumes

Okay, one more trio costume photo because they are just too cute!!!

wizard of oz family halloween costume

We posed a couple of different ways – have I mentioned that I love family photos!?  (Well, Halloween photos are my favourite of course).

family wizard of oz

We also chose to keep Tootsie as herself, so just imagine that she is a little brown Toto dog, ha!  And yes, we are posing in front of our new garage door (it arrived!).

family costumes wizard of oz

And some outtakes from our photo shoot this past weekend.

The Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz costume

The Husband went as the Wizard of Oz, and he already had a couple of things for his costume.  I think he’s the only one who hates these group photos, so finding anything semi-decent from him was a stretch :)

wizard of oz idea

(Hence why the kids are in the back of this one – they thought they had to be in all of them).  For the Wizard of Oz, you just need green clothing (there’s a photo below we were working from) and a top hat.

Recreate the Wizard of Oz using Amazon Items:

We had a bit more creative freedom with this look, but you can keep it closer to the movie if you want.

dorothy costume

And of course, I was Dorothy.  I had everything already (minus the white shirt) but could have probably found something suitable instead of buying one.

dorothy wizard of oz

The shoes used to be blue and sparkly (from my wedding!) but I spray painted them and sparkled them red a couple of years ago.  I went as the Wicked Witch of the East (just needed the red ruby slippers and black/white socks).  I just forgot to put little blue ribbons in my braids.  (Oh, and we’re trying to recreate this photo, ha!)

Recreate Dorothy using Amazon Items:

wizard of oz costume

The photo above shows the image we were working off of (and we tried to repeat the same order on the right).  I saved it on my computer on January 17th of this year… so that should give you an idea of how much planning I do :)

wizard of oz family costumes

Félix was such a little ham when he was in that wagon.  He definitely loved the Halloween costume too.  (Or just photos in general).  Here are the final outtakes to see all the goofy shots we got:

wizard of oz family costume outtakes

I hope you liked our family Wizard of Oz costumes this year!  Have you ever gone as a character from the Wizard of Oz?  I’ve also been Glinda, the Good Witch of the South before (in a grade school play).  Actually, I think I still have that dress (I’ve reused it a few times!).

Oh, and if you’re wondering: yes, I know what our Halloween costumes will be next year too :)

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