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Moody Master Bedroom Reveal

Can you transform a space in six-weeks without changing the wall colour or altering the main layout? Check out the moody master bedroom reveal to see!

burgundy bedroom

We’re at the end of the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge and I’m excited to show off our spiffy new-ish main bedroom!  It’s been a whirlwind six-week makeover and although I didn’t change the wall colour or main layout of our space – I’m hoping the small changes I did still create a big impact (they do for us at least!).  Without further ado, check out our updated moody master bedroom reveal!

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First off, I’m writing this post super late on Wednesday evening (normally I’m asleep by this time!). But it seemed like everything was pushing me back from taking the photos, then I had a meeting today and got home past 10pm – yuck!

But, let me quickly introduce you to the first master bedroom for the One Room Challenge (we’re doing two!).

Background Info:

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So, you might be wondering what the holdup was for this room since I didn’t really have that much to do.

dark purple master bedroom

You see, I was waiting for the Husband to deliver me the bases for the custom nightstands I built.  He told me that it would take him two weeks, but still figured that I didn’t need them right right away and delayed starting for a few days.  Guys, I needed them right away!

grey sheets purple walls

Thankfully they were hand-delivered by his mother early this morning, and I had enough time to do a final spruce up of the space before I could take photos (small things like changing out the duvet cover for this reversible one).

burgundy master bedroom

I also received the new alarm clock I ordered around noon (a sort of last-minute decision… but thank goodness for Amazon Prime!).  And you’ll notice that I took the photos around 2-3pm when I put the little lady for her nap :)

dark purple walls in master bedroom

So the first BIGGEST change to the space was removing the large wardrobe that the Husband used for his clothes.  It was on my side of the room, was dark and large, and not really organized/used properly.  I moved the painting that was on the other wall here, and loosely placed our antique trunk (filled with our extra bedding) below.

alternative closet doors

Another big-ish change was taking down the wedding shelf we had set up, and moving the Ikea storage unit that was below to the other side of the room.  This first area became a catch-all for all the junk that we had to put somewhere else, so I’m hoping it will stay clean now!

wedding gallery wall

I got some new baskets for the cubbies, organized all the Husband’s clothes (these are all his pants – separated by type and labelled inside!) and moved most of our wedding shelf stuff on top.  I also kept the gallery wall completely unchanged from when we originally hung it up.

wedding mementos

This is where the Husband had his disaster zone of a space.  Basically, he just piles up all his dirty clothes for weeks and you can’t really walk here anymore!  I used to have our sheet trunk in this corner, but I could never get to it…

Hopefully, with my new clothes organization, we won’t get into that situation again ;)

dark purple master bedroom

The nightstands we used to have in the bedroom were much smaller (and mismatched!).  I still have to attach the bases properly with screws (they’re just sitting in place for now), but I like that there is more storage AND they look a lot better.

kleenex box decor

Technically this is my Pink Floyd book (that I used to have on my nightstand), but I thought that the Husband’s storage box could use a bit of contrast against the wood of the nightstand.  We always have a Kleenex box in our bedroom, but it rotates around depending who has a cold :)

And I just realized now that a good blogger/photographer would have picked the best looking Kleenex box (or none at all), but this is real life and I used that was already opened!

wood and metal nightstand

I also took the white too-short curtains down and am trying to get used to the new just-blinds setup.  We used to keep the curtains and blinds closed ALL the time – so I’ve been getting into the habit the last few weeks of opening the blinds every day.

plain master bedroom

It’s crazy how much the natural light changes the whole look of the room (our ceiling fan lights are pretty yellow-toned), but the little ones also like to jump on the bed now and look outside.

nightstand without lamp

Speaking of which, my little toddler helper loved doing lots of work in the bedroom the last few days (well, he likes “helping” all the time).  But it was us two that built the custom headboard and installed it – which was no easy task at times…

Headboard tutorial coming soon!

burgundy bedroom

Oh, and the little mister insisted on helping me take all these photos today.  So if you’ve ever tried to fluff a bed perfectly to take pictures, imagine having someone jump on it every 5 minutes or throw their toys around while you’re taking a long-exposure shot…

black and gray lamp

I swapped out the old lamp with one we had purchased for the rental renovation.  If you check out my original design boards, you can see that I was planning on using something else.

master bed in front of window

I’m really excited to start using these nightstand drawers for real (ie: to hold stuff – I’m going to store all my PJs/casual clothes in mine).  But for now, I’ll just hope that they don’t topple over until I screw them in (but really, they’re super heavy AND had to deal with a toddler today).

Room Sources

alarm clock nightstand

Normally I don’t have plants in the bedroom, but my mom just happened to bring these to me a few weeks ago for my birthday.  They were on the dining room table, so I’m not sure if they could actually survive in here (even with the window open there’s not that much natural light at this location).

Oh, and I usually have the current book I’m reading on my nightstand, and my glasses when I’m sleeping (blind person problems – hence the HUGE numbers on the clock, ha!).

moody master bedroom revealmoody master bedroom reveal photo

Well, if you’ve been following along with our One Room Challenge journey, you know that we’re doing TWO master bedrooms for this season.  We’re just waiting to pass our occupancy inspection for the basement so that we can bring the furniture down and move into the space.

But let’s be honest, I’d just be happy with getting the bedroom setup so I could take my photos – ha! 

If all goes well, I can hopefully get that post together next week (much earlier than late Wednesday night!).

Either way, let me know what you think about our moody master bedroom reveal – do you think the space looks that much different even if the wall colour stayed the same?

And check out the rest of the reveals from the One Room Challenge participants And follow our journey to catch up:

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  • Reply
    May 17, 2019 at 7:17 am

    I can’t believe you took on two spaces for the ORC, Nicole, you are brave! I love the way they both came together. The natural light was a game changer and I love the pops of color too.

    • Reply
      May 21, 2019 at 7:03 am

      Thanks Coco, I was hoping that two spaces that I didn’t have to paint or do major renovations would be easier, ha :)

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