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Rental Basement Living Room Progress

Do you have a living space to design or plan? Check out these photos of the rental basement living room progress with the current layout & design direction.

basement living room furniture

Although the basement living room was one of the first rooms that had a designated design direction, it’s taken the longest to fully put together!  We’re still undecided on a few things, and the layout we have now isn’t going to be the final one – but it’s slowly coming along.  Check out our rental basement living room progress (and let me know if I’m forgetting anything!).

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This room originally served as our storage/kitchen assembly zone.  But once we got the kitchen up, we were able to finally open our furniture boxes and set things up in here.

rental basement living room progress

And once again, you can check out the basement before tour, the demolition photos, the apartment layout, drywall progress, and the living room design.

Ready to see where we are at now?  (And what still needs to be finished?)

camel chair green couch

You walk into the basement apartment through the door in the shared hallway.  There’s a support post right there, but this (above photo) is the view to your right.

electrical panel wood cover

Normally, there are a lot more toys and books on the floor!

kids basement area

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the lamp shade isn’t even attached, and there’s no bulb.  I purchased it at an antique’s fair last year, and need to fix the electrical for it to work.  (We thought it was fixed, but nope!).

dining living room basement

Rotating around, we get to the dining room area.  Right now, our Wayfair sofa and chair are placed to see the TV (which is on the kitchen ledge).  I’ve finally decided that we’ll be putting our TV and fireplace in this corner (where the compressor sits now), so everything will rotate a bit.  The rug is also a bit too close to the kids eating mess zone :)

basement dining room basement dining area

Once the rug is moved, I think I’ll move the highchair to another spot.  The legs come out a bit and it’s sometimes a toe-stubber when you walk by too fast.

Oh, and you must recognize that marble paint pour table, right!?

office desk and barn door

On the left-side, we have the door to the furnace room and the entry to the kitchen.  The door was original to the basement, and we just had to cut about an inch from the top and bottom to make it fit here.

small office area in basement

Finally, we have my little desk space (with the marble wallpaper treatment).  I was originally hoping to have a proper desk chair, but using a dining chair has worked just fine.

And, usually my computer would be sitting there – but it’s currently being “repaired” and I’ve been stuck :(

Living Room To-Do:

  • Fix lamp electrical
  • Purchase fireplace and mount TV on wall
  • OR: purchase built-in fireplace cabinet for TV
  • Finish small trim work around electrical panel and column
  • Move out the compressor
  • Move rug and furniture to new layout
  • Patching, caulking and paint touch-ups
  • Possibly blinds?

Photo originally appearing in Basement Living Room Design

Here are the original layout options I shared at the start of the year.  We’ll be going with #3, with the couch in the corner (where the chair is now).  The TV will be under the window, and we’ll either be getting a stand-alone fireplace, or a cabinet one.

basement living room progress

We still need to get some pillows (it’s a fight for the one we do have!), and maybe add some other accessories.  I have a little plant, and it would be nice to create a shelf or something in the little nook to the right of the electrical panel.

(And of course, move/install those trim pieces to the right of the chair!)

rental basement living room

So far, we’ve been really happy with the furniture we do have.  We haven’t had to use the bed version of the couch (it flips down to a futon), but it might come in handy when the apartment is Airbnb’d.

I have definitely taken advantage of the chair recliner though :)

(Although that’s when the littles decide they want to come sit with me, so it’s usually a short lived relaxation, ha!).

basement living dining room

As this was the last room to share in the apartment, I’m hoping you enjoyed seeing the rental basement living room progress at least!  It would have been nice to have our final setup, but we don’t have a need to get a fireplace until it cools down a bit :)

But maybe you can help us with a debate!  Would you prefer a stand-alone fireplace, or one that’s built in to a cabinet?  You can see some different options from Wayfair in the moodboard post.  I’ve since found a few more I like, but the Husband and I haven’t settled on anything permanent yet.

Let me know what you think!

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  • Reply
    September 2, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Hi…your basement is looking really good. It seems to me you have a bit of a mid-century design going on. I like the caramel computer chair you selected for the desk. Since you are taking input, I think a flat to the wall space heater/fireplace would suit better with the style and space limitations. Something along these lines.

    Will you be adding more caramel accessories to tie things together? Have you considered some of the low back chairs that sit even or lower than the dining table top? It seems like the space is really at a premium and anything you can do to visually make the place feel larger might be a good idea. I can also imagine a large modern piece of art (that you make) that uses avocado, caramel, and burgundy might be good, too. I definitely like layout #3 best, too. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing how things go from here…

    • Reply
      September 3, 2019 at 12:03 pm

      Hmm, we didn’t consider the flat fireplaces – I think it’s because the stand-alone units are rated for more square footage of heat, so we’ll see what we decide… I’m hoping to add more caramel with some pillows, and making some custom artwork sounds like a great idea too!

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