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Shag Rug Options (+ Nursery Update!)

Do you like nice soft shag rugs? I sure do, and I knew it would be a great addition to our nursery! I’d like to share a bunch of shag rug options.

Do you like nice soft shag rugs? I sure do, and I knew it would be a great addition to our nursery! I'd like to share a bunch of shag rug options I considered.

Remember back in May when I had showed off the updated spaces in my home, including our new neutral nursery?  At the time, I knew that I wanted to add a rug to the room… but it couldn’t be any rug – I had my heart set on a nice plush shag!  I wasn’t quite sure what size/shape/colour rug I wanted at that point, so I sat on that decision for a bit while I browsed HUNDREDS of options online.  I’d like to share a bunch of shag rug options I considered, and a little surprise too…

After browsing what seemed like WAY too many websites and clicking on way too many rug links (during the One Room Challenge of course) – I kept coming across the same website –  What drew me to was that 1) they offered free shipping, 2) they are located in Canada! and 3) they had SO many different shag rug options.  After saving a pretty extensive wish list on their website, I decided to reach out and see if they could offer me a deal.

I am happy to say that they graciously agreed and I did receive a discount on my rug purchase.  However, I would have definitely bought a rug from them anyways, because I honestly fell in love with the selection that much!

Also – at the time I am posting this, all of these rugs are on sale for 50% off, which means that they are all priced under 300$!!!

Just to recap, I had created a little diagram to show how the different sized rugs would look in the nursery space:

Photo First Appeared in: Neutral Nursery

Photo First Appeared in: Neutral Nursery

I’m going to go over the different shag rug options I considered for the nursery (in order of smallest rugs to largest).  At the end… wait for it… I’ll be revealing which one I chose!  Check out the all the rugs below on my short-ish list, and let me know if you agreed with my decision :)

4′ x 6′ Rugs

The first two options were pretty similar, one is a light gray and the other had a bit of yellow mixed in.

These would definitely fit in the room, and I liked that they were also priced the lowest.

6’5″ Round Rugs

A round rug is such a fun shape right?  It would work perfectly in a nursery, and I feel like you would never get any corners that curl up (does that happen with rugs?).

Keep in mind that for these (and for most of the others) there are many different colour choices available.  But I wanted to stick with something fairly neutral that would match the existing décor in the room.

5’3″ x 7’3″ Rugs

The next couple of options are all pretty similarly sized, so let’s just say around 5×7.

I like that some of these have different colour variations/patterns.

5’2″ x 7’5″ Rugs

These next three options are all the same “type” but vary in pattern.

I think they would all look great in the nursery!

5’3″ x 8′ Rugs

Can you tell by now that I was really having a hard time choosing the perfect shag rug option for the nursery?

These were a bit longer, and again, all great rugs!

6.5′ x 9.5′ Rugs

Finally, the largest size I could go with would be just over a 6 x 9.  I measured the room a bunch of times, and we are actually just less than 10′ across one way.

This bright green one might seem misplaced among the options I’ve shared so far, but I think that it would be a good colour I could bring into the room,  Also, not to be too gross or anything, but if you’ve ever changed a baby’s diaper you know that any stains would be virtually hidden here!

Nursery Rug Choice

If this rug would be going in our bedroom, I would have been more comfortable choosing a white or off-white option.  But, like I just mentioned, because I was looking at shag rug options for the nursery, I was worried about any potential stains that could happen.  I was also hesitant to get a gray rug, because the colour might not have matched the already gray walls.

So what did I end up choosing?

The Yeti Light Gray Rug!

I liked the different colour variations in the rug, and I was confident that if there were any stains in the future, that they would be better hidden with this one.  I did also really consider the more geometric patterned options, but ultimately went for practicality.  (My Mom helped me decide because the Husband was no help…).


Once I made my decision and ordered the rug, I was surprised how quickly it was delivered (just a few days!).  Thankfully the Husband was home at the time and he was able to move it in the nursery and roll it into place with me.


Can I let you in on a weird secret?  I LOVE the smell of fresh carpets / new rugs.  Something about those plastic fibre scents just really appeal to me.  In fact, it’s my second favourite smell behind clean laundry (which I’m sure you remember from this post).  I can’t wait for some real baby play time on this “baby”!


Heck, even Tootsie was excited and has rolled all over the new rug countless times!  (I can never get a picture of her though since she tends to only do this when I’m busy feeding the baby!).

Do you like the new rug in the nursery?  Would you have selected a different option?  Here’s a little graphic with all of them together:


Even if you don’t like shag rugs, I would still suggest checking out because they have such a large selection of many different styles.  I’m going to have to take a little break from their website because I feel like I would buy. all. the. things.

Are you looking to work with me in promoting your products or services?  The Madness and Method Blog would love working with relevant/useful/appropriate businesses, please contact me to discuss ways we can coordinate and partner together. did not directly sponsor this post; however I did receive a discount on my rug purchase :)


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    Sooo cute! Great choice!! I liked all the patterns you chose as well :)

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      Thanks, it’s super soft so I’m really happy :)

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    Louise aka Mommy
    July 31, 2016 at 12:41 am

    Of course it was a great choice .. I might have had a little bit to do wth it!

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      Yep – thanks for the help :)

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