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Do you like deep oranges, yellows and reds? This fall home decor moodboard incorporates all the best rich, warm colours and textures!

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Do you prefer to say Fall or Autumn?  And on an unrelated note, why is this the only season with two names!?  Either way – today I’m sharing an autumn moodboard.  So if you want to get in the spirit of the season, or just love warm, deep colours, this Fall home decor and more post is for you!

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That’s right, Fall is all about rich, deep, muted colours.  Think the colours of the changing leaves translated into home decor.  Honestly, I love all colours – but I feel especially close to these comforting hues.  In fact, this basement living room moodboard could have easily translated into a fall-themed post.

Nevertheless, I tried to include all new products in this roundup.  I also wanted to focus on different textures and comfortable materials, because that’s so Fall to me.

Hopefully you enjoy it!

fall home decor and more product moodboard

Shop the Fall Home Decor Moodboard

1. Red Console Table
2. Wooden Spatula
3a. Green Plaid Pillowcases | 3b. Yellow Quilted Lumbar | 3c. Round Pillow
4. Matte Lipstick
5. Tramontina Dutch Oven
6. Woven Basket
7. Rust Velvet Sectional
8. Burgundy Electric Blanket 
9. Sage Rug
10. Mustard Curtains
11. Green Chair
12. Drum Coffee Table
13. Yellow Planters
14. Pumpkin Candle
15. Forest Cotton Sheets

I just bought this wood spatula, but it hasn’t come in yet.  I’ve been using new pots and I don’t want to scratch them.  And you know we have similar yellow curtains in our living room.

For the cottage, I’m considering this green chair (or a set of 2).  They look like they’d be easy to wipe, and I love the wood and green together.

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Let me know how you’ve been enjoying this seasonal decor series!  In another few months I’ll share the moodboard for Winter, so stay tuned for that :)

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