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Colour Inspiration: Green

Want to see some colour inspiration for green interiors? Check out all the different shades and hues of green represented in these spaces!

colour inspiration green

It’s been a while since I’ve done a colour inspiration post on the blog.  We were busy with the red kids room, but we’re back at it with green!  It seems like there are soooo many variations of green, so I tried to choose different rooms in different hues.  I could have easily included twice as many spaces, and really did have a hard time narrowing my options down.  Let’s dive into some colour inspiration with green!

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Love the colours of the rainbow as much as I do?  Check out the first post on red here, the orange post here, and the yellow inspiration post here. I’m also doing a similar thing on my Facebook Page, and we’re now into some “off-rainbow” hues.

Green Inspiration

Here is a small sample of green interiors that caught my eye:

green dining rooms

Paul Bates (architect) and Melanie Pounds (designer) are responsible for the sage dining room on the left.  It’s one of the only rooms with colour in the home, so it really stands out against the neutral palette.  By comparison, the mossy dining room on the right is part of a very colourful home by Anna Burke Interiors.

green wallpaper

These three spaces all have something in common: green wallpaper and trimwork!  The bathroom on the left with the super deep green wainscoting is in the Helford Renovation by Whittney Parkinson Design.  Going with a more tone-on-tone, the doorway in the centre is in a home by Tristan Auer (spot the mural in the next room?  The whole house is lavish!).  And finally, the bedroom on the right has the most subtle green trim (almost a light mint?) and was designed by Zoë Feldman.  (But also, the green bathroom, and possibly green kitchen).

The next four spaces prove that green-on-green is the way to go:

green built ins

The bright green room on the left is by JL Design, and I love the bold hue in comparison to the more traditional chair/frame.  On the right, the grassy office stands out in a more neutral space by Journey + Jacobs.

green study

There are a few bold spaces in this home by Sarah Vaile Design, but the deep teal-y green in the living space on the left is definitely my favourite!  The walls shift from more blue to green depending on the light/photos, and there’s also a complementary sofa that is bold choice.  I’ve recently discovered Max Humphrey and the spec house with the green study has a lot of fun elements.

These three rooms are so different, right?  On the left, the beautiful main floor bathroom designed by Erin Kestenbaum that is probably my dream space.  SCW Interiors designed the bright bathroom in the middle with oversized sconces, and Banner Day Interiors went with a modern stacked tile for the shower and it works so well in that colour.

I saved the kitchen for last and I chose these two images (among the multitude of green kitchens!) for a reason.  Notice how they both have planked wood ceilings?  Yep, this is similar to the kitchen we’ll be doing for our Rocky Retreat cottage… but I think it will be completely different than these!

On the left is the basement kitchen by Rachael from Banyan Bridges (just completed in the most recent One Room Challenge).  On the right, a cabin kitchen by Copeland + Co. with darker cabinets and more wood.

Green in my Space(s)

Whew, that was a lot of green!  I didn’t think I used green too much, but I do have a couple of images to share.

basement apartment living room

In our basement apartment, one of my accent colours is green – so we have a fun green sofa in the living room.  We also have two painted dressers in the bedrooms!

Our first kitchen had green walls both before and after the renovation.  I only remembered after seeing a photo of our striped accent wall (which we painted using all the colours of the house).

overview of dark teal nursery

We also had a lovely deep teal nursery at the old house.  And I painted the crib in our next nursery a very similar colour too.

I think I would have more green if the Husband liked it.  To him, green paint/interiors are “gross” and the only green you should have is nature (aka grass and trees).

But guess what!?

double car garage with gable roof

Mr. Anti Green helped choose a green siding colour for our garage!  It’s called “Aviator Green” and to me, is a perfect gray/green.  I’m planning on bringing little bits of that colour inside, and we may also paint our house to match.

Green Home Products

Looking to add some green to your space?  Here is a modified product round-up that was originally posted on my Facebook Page.  Actually, it’s a mash up between the “green” and the “mint” themes that I did.  (Affiliate links used – thanks for shopping!)

green home products

  1. Dark notebook and mint notebook
  2. Kelly green lamp
  3. The sofa we have in the apartment
  4. A body pillow I’m thinking about for the cottage
  5. Teal scalloped headboard
  6. A cute watering can
  7. Storage bowl
  8. Velvet and gold bench
  9. Mint makeup bag
  10. Geometric marble-look vase
  11. Plaid rug
  12. Green chair

Looking for more green inspiration?  Check out these posts:

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Do you have any green rooms or decor in your home?  Like I mentioned, the Husband is a bit anti-green, but I do have a lot of plants… so that counts right?!  Either way, we’ll see how he likes the green touches in the cabin, I can’t wait to share the design plans soon!

Stay tuned for the next rainbow colour series post (blue!).


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