Super Mario Family Costumes

These Super Mario family costumes are easy to customize for Halloween. With dozens of characters to choose from, there are so many options!

super mario family costumes

It’s everyone’s favourite post of the year: our Halloween costume reveal!  We knew what costumes we were going to do in like February, but we just got them all together this past weekend.  As usual, I’ve done a combination of DIY/thrifted outfits with some store-bought stuff.  If you didn’t guess from the title, we did Super Mario family costumes!

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super mario costumes graphic

As mentioned, we knew our costume idea pretty early this year.  We introduced the kids to Mario Kart in January, and they caught on to the characters/super Mario world pretty quickly.  Unfortunately/fortunately, they also released a Super Mario Bros. movie this year – and while the kids were psyched, I was worried that everyone would have a Mario costume this year.

super mario costumes

In the end it doesn’t matter, and in fact, it may be fun if the kids see other characters that match or go with our costumes.  They each picked their own characters (with the exception of Tootsie who was Princess Peach because I already had a little pink dress lol).

Super Mario Character Costumes

Let’s get into each of the costumes!

toad toddler girl costume

First up, Élise as Toad!  She loves Toad, and I bought a hat and vest costume that was perfect.  Toad is normally shirtless, but I found a beige shirt for her, white pants, and brown shoes to complete the look.

princess peach dog costume

Our princess Peach costume is made from a dress-up pink dress we already had, and a blonde wig.  The wig could stay on better if there was a tie around her neck, but it’s funny either way.

wario costume

For Wario (it’s like the evil version of Mario), I bought these purple overalls.  Even at the biggest size, they were short in the torso for the Husband, so I added a bit of a strap with scrap purple shirt.  Then a thrifted yellow t-shirt, white gloves and the yellow hat in this set.  Muscles and mustache provided by the Husband :p

waluigi costume

Zachary was adamant that he was Waluigi (the evil version of Luigi) and I purchased a regular pair of overalls.  Technically, Waluigi’s overalls are more black, but these were easier to find (and could be dyed).  The hat and mustache came in the same kit, and the purple shirt is a leftover from our clue costume.

diy yoshi costume

I am Yoshi, but my choice was based on the fact that I already owned a green bodysuit from our TMNT costumes a few years ago.  I thrifted a couple of kids’ green shirts to make the tail and belly with white fabric, and bought this hat and shell kit.

diy bowser costume

Félix is very much in love with Bowser he was probably the most excited for his costume.  I bought this Bowser head, and thrifted the rest.   The shell was made from a thrifted apron, some green paint, hot glue, bristol board cones and stuffing.  This shell backpack looks really cool and it’s kind of what I followed to make his shell.  (He kept chasing Tootsie around and saying “I love you Peaches”).

super mario family costumes

Other Popular Super Mario Characters:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Princess Daisy
  • Shy Guy (multiple colours)
  • Boo (white ghost)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Koopa Troopa

family super mario costumes animation

Lol, we always take a lot of photos to get a good one (Tootsie was hiding for most of them this time).

family super mario halloween costumes

Did you enjoy our Super Mario family costumes this year?  If you’ve been anxiously waiting for our costume reveal, is this something you would have guessed?  OR do you have suggestions for our costume next year?

The kids love coming up with different ideas, and they are much more into it now that they can recognize different characters and options.

Looking for more family costume ideas?  Check these out!

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