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Bold Accent Wall

Want to paint a bold accent wall!? Check out these quick tips and watch the video of my process painting my brother’s bathroom wall!

striped bold accent wall

As I’ve been sharing my brother’s bathroom renovation the last few weeks, there’s one area that I’ve tried to keep hidden: the bold accent wall!  We wanted to do something to match the diamond accent wall he has downstairs.  So that meant we’d be using the same colours, but not necessarily the same pattern.  I came up with a few options, and I’m sharing all of those and the whole process for painting this bathroom bold accent wall.

This is the 7th week of the Spring 2023 One Room Challenge!  I’ve been sharing my brother’s bathroom renovation including his beige bathroom intropainted floorstoilet installation, tub and tile paint, building a mirror frame and last week was the vanity transformation.

bold accent wall design mockups

First up, drawing out and selecting a pattern!  You can draw accent wall ideas by hand, but I love coming up with my designs on the computer.  I made 6 different options for my brother (I shared them in Week 1 too) and he selected #1.  (PS: He said he was very against #3 and #4 which was funny because his roommate had those as his favourite).

yellow bathroom walls

The first step was painting the walls a light gray colour to cover up all the beige!  I’m pretty sure I cleaned them a bit too, but I had some paint tape removal issues, so maybe I didn’t?

gray bathroom walls gray counter

Once everything had two coats of gray paint, it was time to tape up the pattern.  Remember, I did most of my brother’s bathroom all within a week, so that’s why you’ll also see the counters and floors change.

How to Paint a Bold Accent Wall

My quick and easy tips are as follows:

  • Use a laser level
  • Mock up your design to scale and measure 3 times before taping
  • Once all taped, paint the wall colour again to seal in for crisp lines
  • Paint 2 coats of each colour (or enough for even coverage)
  • Carefully peel the tape away
  • Touch-up if necessary

Here’s what happened…

tape stripes on wall

I started measuring from the ceiling and worked my way down, using a laser level halfway through.  Completely forgetting that I could place my tripod on the counter and use it from there.  Unfortunately, I noticed some of the top lines were a bit bowed because they followed the ceiling line, which obviously wasn’t perfectly level.  So ya, had to go fix that later!

bold bathroom accent wall text with tape

(Oh and my computer design was off by an inch or two, so I had to re-tape the top three lines once I figured it out).

bright stripes in bathroomAnyways, once my lines were placed perfectly, I painted the edges to ensure straight stripes (I think I share more details here).  Then I did two coats of each colour when it was dry.

bold bathroom stripe wall

Luckily, the toilet was not installed at this point, so I didn’t have to squeeze behind it :)

painters tape removed paint

However, once it came time to remove the tape – I got some weird parts that came up.  Almost like there were invisible patches on the wall – because it was it perfect boxed areas.

I did go back and fill in those sections…

fixing line wobbles

And then later also retaped and painted following the laser level instead of the ceiling distance.

bold accent wall animation progress

Here’s a cute little animation that shows the whole process!

Painting a Bold Accent Wall Video

And, here’s a video with more details too.  If the video player above isn’t loading, feel free to watch it directly on YouTube here.

striped bathroom accent wall

As you can see, most of the accent wall was completed on my first visit, before I added the mirror trim.  Oh, and I also painted and re-installed the ceiling vent cover if you were wondering :)

About the One Room Challenge

Check out all the Spring 2023 One Room Challenge participants – next week is the final reveal!

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bold striped accent wall

I hope you’ve enjoyed this bold accent wall post – since it’s the last project for my brother’s bathroom!  The full reveal is next week, and I did update the light fixture and bulb colour, so everything will look a bit different than these photos.

And, even though I did finish the project a couple of weeks ago, I still haven’t gone back and edited any of the photos.  So it will be a surprise for me too I guess :)

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