Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for group or family Halloween costume ideas? Check out all the costumes we’ve done over the years, along with my ideas for more!

family halloween costumes over the years

It’s the start of September, which means it’s the official season of back-to-school and the start of fall.  You know what that means… Halloween is right around the corner!  Since it’s my favourite holiday, I figured it only made sense that I start sharing a bit early.  To get us into the momentum of the season, let’s look back at all of our family Halloween costume ideas! 

We started family costumes as soon as we could.  Or, should I say, I started forcing my family to dress up with me.  The Husband and I did do some couples/group costumes before.  (There was a lot of forcing back then).  This year, our kids are 6, 4 and 2 – and trust me, they look forward to our costume!  A few months ago, our oldest asked what our Halloween costume would be this year… be still my heart :) 

I know that one day they’ll realize that they can dress up as something not as a group.  But until that day comes, it’s a group costume for us!  Let’s look at all the group costumes we’ve done, starting back in 2016 when we had Zachary.

Past Family Halloween Costumes

I made DIY family costumes this year, in the theme of Disney's The Little Mermaid. I think they turned out great and I'm so looking forward to handing out treats dressed up as a family this year!

The Little Mermaid

We dressed up as the Little Mermaid, with me as Ariel, the Husband as Prince Eric, Zachary as flounder, and Tootsie as Sebastian. I used a recycled Mermaid tail from my high school stint as the Little Mermaid (we went as Disney Princesses). And I did think Sebastian was a lobster… but other than that, I loved these costumes!

setting up family halloween costume pose

Beauty And The Beast

Continuing the Disney trend, in 2017 we went as Beauty and the Beast. I was the regular day Belle, the Husband was Gaston (in a reused Hulk Hogan costume), Zachary was the Beast and Tootsie was Lumière. Fun fact: Gaston is the Husband’s favourite.

teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

For our first Halloween with Élise, we had the perfect foursome for the TMNT crew. Tootsie was the best Master Splinter (I found a little housecoat for her) and we were Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo. Don’t quiz me on which colour is which anymore, ha!

family high school costumes

High School Stereotypes

This was one of my favourite concepts because it was totally unique! Plus, it’s open to interpretation and is good for any size group. Just choose a high school colour scheme and let your imagination run wild! We were a (pregnant) cheerleader, baseball jock, nerd, goth and mascot (Tootsie).

family wizard of oz

The Wizard of Oz

In 2020, we went as the Wizard of Oz – and this was probably my favourite! I had wanted three little children to go as the tinman, scarecrow and lion, and our costumes were on point. This was the only year we posed with Halloween-y decor, and I liked the setup!

pokemon halloween costumes

Pokémon Characters

I think this was one of the Husband’s favourites since he enjoyed the series so much as a child. Other than Tootsie as Pikachu, we dressed as the Pokémon human characters. Again, perfect for a group of three little kids (one girl and two boys) and a couple dressed as Jesse and James.

Which one of our past group costumes have you liked the most!?  I hope our costume this year turns out well! 

Other Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some other ideas I had jotted down in my calendar (I add them as I come up with them)

  • Nightmare Before Christmas (3 trick or treaters, Jack, Sally, Dog) 
  • Animals
  • Bugs
  • Dinosaurs
  • Nintendo Characters
  • Colours
  • Paw Patrol

Other group costumes I did growing up: Disney Princesses, Legos (we fit together!), Sailor Moon, Kill Bill, Power Rangers…

family halloween costume ideas

Last year I mentioned that I “didn’t have a clue” what we would be this year… and it’s funny what I came up with!  You’ll have to come back and check it out soon :) 

Oh, and one of my favourite couples costumes we almost were was a pile of dirt and a Swiffer.  Remember those commercials back in the day?  Well, I was the dirt, and I just brought a Swiffer with me since the Husband refused, ha. 

see you next time nicole text image

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