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Looking to add some bright and bold colours to your life!? This summer home decor roundup has plenty of great, warm-season ideas!

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It’s the official start of summer!  To celebrate, I’m rounding up a bunch of summer home decor (and more too) for your viewing and shopping pleasure.  To me, summer is all about bright and bold colours, outdoor fun and heat.  Let’s get to it!

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Can you believe that spring is over?  If you’re still reminiscing about fresh buds, cooler temps and pastel colours, check out my spring home decor mood board to go back.

Ready for summer (or just like bright colours)!?  This roundup is for you!

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1. Blue Umbrella

2. Teal Towel

3. Red Baking Mat

4. Summer Candle

5. Yellow Outdoor Poof

6. Picnic Blanket

7. Orange Locker

8. Teal Ottoman

9. Yellow Round Rug

10. Blue Adirondack Chair

11. Blue Travel Mug

12. Yellow Radio

13a. Red Gingham Pillow // 13b. Blue Stripe Pillow // 13c. Orange Pillow Set

14. Orange Book-Ends

15. Teal Sidetable

16. Red Hammock

17. Electric Lighter

18. Matte Lipstick

Such fun colours!  I’d say our house is more of a fall colour scheme, but I would totally add some brighter elements.  Speaking of which, I’ve been using the electric lighter (17) for a while now, and it works great!  And you know I had to include my favourite line of lipstick.  I’m thinking we’ll need some outdoor seating for our cottage, and that Adirondack chair is such a fun colour.

If you enjoyed this seasonal mood board, check out my spring home decor post here.  Stay tuned for fall and winter :)

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Oh, and let me know which is your favourite summer-themed home decor product :)

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