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Do you have any DIY projects coming up? Great highlight of the top DIY projects and posts on the Madness and Method blog!

Do you have any DIY projects coming up? Great highlight of the top DIY projects and posts on the Madness and Method blog!

It’s a popular trend on blogs to showcase their top posts of the past year.  I’ve never done a post countdown before, so to kick off the tradition I will be highlighting the top posts since I’ve been blogging, rather than just those from 2016.  Let’s look at the top DIY projects and posts for the Madness and Method blog!

I should also mention that I was originally blogging as the Q-Schmitz Home Design + DIY blog, so I had to pull up both websites’ stats and combine them.  In order (top 10) least visited to most – here they are:

10. Building a Deck Bench with Brackets

In the summer of 2015 we did A LOT of work in our backyard (you’ll see many related posts on this countdown) and one of the projects involved adding a bench system to our deck.  I still really like these, and we definitely use them whenever we entertain outside!

9. Happy Holiday Living Room

In late 2015 I participated in a blog hop for the holidays, and showed a tour of our living room decorated for Christmas.  I even included a fun animated gif of the tree being decorated throughout the day.

8. Starting the Side Yard Landscaping

This is a pretty popular post, although I feel like it could definitely be improved in terms of helpfulness, and even image quality.  Kind of hard to fix that now since the area has been completed!

7. Things to do Before you Move in

I published this post this past August, and it’s only really been gaining popularity the last month or so.  There must be a lot of people moving in to houses (or planning a move) so I hope my list has been helpful :)

6. Building a Single Step with Brackets

Okay, this seems like a super easy task right?  Well it took me and my Papa a couple of tries before we got it right, so I’m hoping that my instructions were clear so that people don’t make the same mini-mistakes that we did.  We also didn’t clear the grass under the step, so I’m thinking that this summer we will have to remove the step (again) and clear off that area!

Top 5 DIY Projects from Madness and Method!

Oooh we’re moving into the 5 biggest blog posts!  Can you guess what they are?  I usually showcase the top 3 from the month before on the homepage (have you noticed that?) so let’s see if you’ve liked these as well:

5. Patch Gaps in Laminate Floors

My quick patch job is still holding up and it’s been over a year since I’ve had it in place.  Not sure if it would work as well in a high traffic area (we fixed the floor in the closet) – but I’m hoping others have found the post useful.

4. Custom Patio Table

I really liked how this table turned out, even though it took me SO long to do the mosaic tiles.  This summer, Remodelaholic featured the project so I’m sure that the views are much higher on their site as well.  Unfortunately the base literally just broke under the weight of the snow (sometime around December 30th) so now I have to come up with something else to hold it.

3. Painting vs. Whitewashing Panelling (and Brick!)

I wrote this post about a year ago and I’m just starting this project now.  From the comments, people like that I showed how the different options looked, so I may try and implement more posts like this in the future.

2. Building a Raised Garden Bed

I love our raised garden beds, and although I browsed online for some images before we started, we literally just built them as we went.  They’ve worked great the past two summers, and I don’t think I’d change anything about the way they were constructed.  We do have a weed or two coming up along the side of the shed, so maybe covering that area would have been a good idea.

1. Filling and Planting DIY Raised Gardens

This was the follow-up post to building the garden beds, and it involved shoveling a lot of dirt!  I’m hoping that I thoroughly recapped the building instructions in this post and that people can build and fill amazing raised gardens at their homes!


It’s interesting to look back and see what projects became the most popular in terms of readership, especially since there are some that I didn’t think would take-off.  Considering that 6/10 posts were about outdoor DIY projects, I’m thinking that I should focus even more energy into these.  And, since I won’t be having a baby this summer- I’ll have way more time to dedicate outdoors compared to last year :)

That, or we could move somewhere warmer where the summer season is longer… hahaha like that will ever happen!

Did you like this trip down memory lane and/or are you just discovering some of these posts for the first time?  Is there anything you would like me to cover on the Madness and Method blog that I haven’t yet?

What about you, do you have any DIY projects coming up?  Let’s chat :)

I’m looking forward to a great year!


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