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Colour Inspiration: Yellow

Looking for some yellow colour inspiration? Check out different ways that yellow can be used in interiors, from subtle hues to bold accents!

yellow rooms

It’s our third colour inspiration post on the blog, and now we’re focusing on yellow!  Like orange, I find that yellow is a bright and fun colour, but I think that it’s definitely more loved.  Deep ochre is really in right now, and I think yellow is almost considered a neutral.  Heck, you’ve probably painted (or painted over) a yellow room at least once!  Let’s dive into some colour inspiration with yellow!

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Love the colours of the rainbow as much as I do?  Check out the first post on red here, and the orange post here.  I’m also doing a similar thing on my Facebook Page, but again, it’s a bit farther ahead.

Yellow Inspiration

Here are some yellow interiors that caught my eye:

yellow kitchens

Starting in the kitchen, we have this elongated and more muted space by Studio Samshiri on the left.  The bright yellow kitchen by Hendricks Churchill echoes the colour of the casing into the space.  I love that idea!  (And it’s a repeated element in that house, which is also yellow btw).

yellow dining living

I followed the transformation of the dining room by Dabito from Old Brand New from the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge.  I think that’s the first time I loved a yellow space!  (Oh, and he just painted his laundry closet yellow too).  The more traditional living room on the right is situated in an equestrian estate, and these two prove that yellow is a versatile colour in terms of decorating style!

yellow bedrooms

The yellow headboard on the left was a DIY project by Marij Hessel, and I love how it goes with the wall and yellow bedding.  While the walls in the bedroom on the right photographed by Becky Stayner are technically white, the curtains, pillows and bedding offer the big pops of colour.  Even the wood tones are very similar to the main yellow.

yellow rooms

This entire Swedish apartment by Lookofsky Architecture features bright yellow, but I thought that the built-in bench design on the left was really clever.  Chris Loves Julia’s playroom uses a much more subtle yellow hue, and I love the matching striped wallpaper!

Yellow in my Space(s)

In our old house, yellow was the last colour we painted!  I looked at our striped accent wall mural and knew that we were missing it.

nursery entrance  closet in nursery

It took me a few tries to get the perfect shade of yellow, and looking back on the photos I can’t believe how sweet Félix’s nursery turned out.  We only had that nursery for a few months before we moved, and even though we used almost all the furniture, it’s just not the same.

The plan is to do Félix’s room in yellow again… but that won’t be for another few years, ha.  More of the deeper, ochre-y colour.  I’ve decided on a whole home colour scheme (it’s a rainbow, are you surprised!?), but in a more muted/deeper tone.

gray section living room

Right now, the main yellow we have in our home are the curtains in the living room.  You can see more photos of our house from the six-month tour here.  We’re actually coming up to a year, so I’ll have to do an updated tour soon!

Yellow Home Products

Looking to add some yellow to your space?  Here is a modified product round-up that was originally posted on my Facebook Page.  (Affiliate links used – thanks for shopping!)

yellow products

  1. Room darkening curtains (the ones we have are from Ikea)
  2. Silly Scents markers… remember these?!
  3. A bright electric kettle
  4. Lemon-scented candle of course
  5. A big comfy looking accent chair (similar)
  6. The cutest little baby pants
  7. A fluffy shag rug
  8. An accent table perfect for any space
  9. Pompom polka dot pillow
  10. Women’s yellow rainboots
  11. A tuque (similar) for the colder months
  12. Cotton duvet cover set

I just realized as I was finishing up this post that I completely forgot to feature a yellow bathroom.  Growing up, we had a yellow and brownish bathroom, with a yellow tub!  My parents renovated it after we moved out though, so I don’t think I have any pictures.

colour inspiration yellow rooms

Do you have any yellow rooms or decor in your home?  Or, do you still have nightmares from the time yellow was trending back in the 70s/80s?  Maybe the yellow kitchens and dining rooms from the 90s?  I think it’s safe to say that yellow is versatile and perhaps, always on-trend.  (In one hue or another at least, ha).

Stay tuned for the next rainbow colour series post (green!).


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