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DIY Wall Transformation Ideas

Looking for amazing DIY wall transformation ideas!? No matter if you have zero time, skills or are a DIY pro, there’s a wall project for you!

Looking to change some of your walls?  Whether you want something non-permanent, quick, or more intensive – I have a great list of DIY wall transformation ideas to share!  Featuring over 20 projects from myself as well as others, you’re sure to find something to inspire your next wall project :) 

While I’ve included a few of my projects, I do have a bunch from other bloggers as well.  Make sure to click through to their posts to read more!

Quick & Easy Wall Transformations 

First, let’s start with some easier projects that add instant drama to your walls.  To me, a quick DIY wall transformation is something that can be completed in a few hours.  Some of these ideas are non-permanent too, which means they are perfect for renters (or people who are afraid of commitment!). 

washi tape on wall

Geometric Washi Tape Wall

Kathy from Up To Date Interiors lived in a rental and was limited to the types of wall treatments that she could add.  Nevertheless, some washi tape was all that was needed to create a great feature wall behind her piano.

washi tape wall

Random Washi Tape Wall

For the small wall in our raised ranch entry, I added washi tape in random lines to create a fun design. I used a push mop to get the lines all the way across where I couldn’t reach, and you can read more about the project here.

Painted Wainscoting

Want to fake the look of fancy wainscoting?  Why not paint half the wall, then place a piece of trim at the top to add dimension.  That’s exactly what Melissa at Welcome to the Woods did for her bathroom remodel.

That last one does involve some painting, and you can make it more non-permanent by omitting the piece of trim.  I did a 2/3 wall paint treatment in our living room and entry, so it’s a similar look.

Speaking of painting, want to see how you can totally transform your wall(s) with paint!?

Painted DIY Wall Transformations

I would classify these next three DIYs as projects that take a bit more time, and may involve a bit more skills and craftiness.  Thankfully, these ladies have easy-to-follow tutorials, so even if you can’t wrap your head around something based on the pictures alone, they’ve broken down the steps for you!

white door and wall with table

Stencil Wall

Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living added a stencil wall in her foyer.  The bright green colour really pops against all the plants, and it’s definitely a smart way to add colour to your space if you’re afraid of committing to an entire painted wall.

There are so many stencil options and you can choose a pattern and any colour you like. Depending on what you choose, you can have a completely custom wallpaper look.  I haven’t done a stencil wall yet… but I have a project coming soon! 

bedroom with light brick accent wall

Painted Faux-Brick

Cat from Pocket of Posies did a brick feature wall in her bedroom… you guessed it… using only paint.  She even took the extra time to do a custom brick pattern above the windows.

She used a bunch of colours to achieve the look she wanted… and it is amazing!

Painted Backsplash Tile

If you don’t want to commit to tiling a backsplash (or maybe you’re renting and you have restrictions on things you can change), Melissa at Welcome to the Woods shares how she was able to achieve this tiled look using only paint!

Planked Wall Transformations

Planked walls (or shiplap walls) have been popular for a while.  If you love farmhouse style (or just liked watching Fixer Upper on TV) then you are definitely familiar with this style of stacked horizontal boards.  

Shiplap Entry

Katie from Little House of Four did a white planked/shiplap wall in her entryway.  Can you believe that it cost her less than 50$ for an entire wall!?

Shiplap Fireplace

Now, the size of this fireplace looks relatively normal in this photo… but you have to see the photos of the in-progress work on Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate’s blog to truly understand how massive it is.  Adding the shiplap and painting it white helped easily disguise her brown fireplace.

Natural Wood Plank Wall

Thinking of adding something a bit more natural and rustic looking rather than doing a white shiplap?  Kati from Houseful of Handmade installed a plank wall using birch plywood… and she has a great tip if you are using pieces of wood where the colours don’t match 100%.

DIY Board and Batten Wainscoting

Maybe you’re not into planked walls or the farmhouse style as much, or don’t want to commit to doing an entire wall (or fireplace) all the way to the ceiling.  Hey… maybe you’re afraid of ladders/heights… no judgement here!  There are still some great wall transformations with moulding that you can achieve.

Board & Batten Hallway

Emily from Our House Now a Home completely transformed the look of her hallway by adding custom wainscoting.  She has a BUNCH of other great hallway projects too, including a gallery wall and command centre, so make sure to check those out!

Double Board & Batten with Hooks

Tara from Just Call me Homegirl installed a board and batten wall in her entranceway, and I love the practical addition of hooks for coat storage.

Doesn’t adding custom woodworking just make everything look fancier and more “complete”?

Board & Batten Staircase

When I originally wrote this DIY Wall Transformation post, I hadn’t done any wall treatments yet! I’ve since added board and batten to our hallway, then continued the look down our staircase.

Other DIY Wall Transformation Ideas

Since writing this post, I’ve completed a few more wainscoting and wall transformation projects!  Check out these spaces: 

install tongue and groove panelling
installing layered wainscoting tips
diamond wainscoting wall treatment diy graphic
master bedroom progress
wood vs mdf wall treatments
painting stripes across a room text overlay on white and yellow striped walls
cleaned basement refresh reveal

Whether you’re looking to finish a quick refresh, or have extra time to spend, I’m hoping one of these DIY wall transformation ideas has inspired you to start thinking about your next project! 

PS: I’m doing a stencil wall very soon.  It’s going to be my first time, so I hope it goes well :) 

Which wall project do you want to tackle!?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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