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Plans for 2022!

Looking ahead to all the life, cottage and home plans for 2022! A glimpse of what’s on the horizon for Madness and Method.

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Happy pre-New Year!  I’m always super excited to forge ahead and go go go.  Did you catch my recap for this year?  Rather than share my plans in the New Year (as was originally scheduled), I figured I’d get them out of the way now so I can get the next year started.  Goodbye 2021, let’s go ahead with our plans for 2022!

How were your holidays?  We’re in that weird period between Christmas and New Years, when the days all blur together.  I’m here to tell you that it is Tuesday, ha.  Well, unless you’re reading this blog post on a completely different day.  Sorry, no help there :)

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Anyways, let’s get to the list of our plans for 2022!  I’m sharing mostly DIY/home plans, so hopefully it will all be stuff you’ll see here on the blog!


I have to break this one down into a lot of bullet points.  But finishing the cottage will be the BIGGEST project of the year.  To be completed:

  • HVAC, plumbing, electrical (hired out)
  • Windows/doors installed (still waiting on a couple of these!)
  • Siding/exterior finishes
  • Front porch to be built
  • Vapour barrier, sealing drafts, insulation
  • Hydro hookup
  • Propane hookup (and fix driveway after)
  • Water well drilled and hooked up
  • Drywall up, taped, mudded and primed
  • All walls painted/wood ceiling planks
  • Floors
  • Upstairs bathroom (tiling, tub, toilet, vanity, plumbing)
  • Basement bathroom (tiling, vanity, toilet, plumbing)
  • Light fixtures
  • Kitchen (cabinets, appliances, counters
  • Laundry room
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms (includes fireplace and built-in cabinets)
  • Mini-mudroom entry
  • Exterior/beach cleanup

Unfortunately, we live somewhere really cold – so a lot of this needs to wait until the spring.  Yes, our cottage still has huge gaping holes!  Those need to be closed ASAP.  Annndddd I think we may need to break through frozen ground to get the propane/heat in so we can work on some other things.

Problem is, the Husband has been extremely busy at work (7-days-week) and the cottage has been on the back-burner…

Our House Plans for 2022

Not as impending as some cottage things, but still some projects I can do in the winter while we wait.  Or in the fall, or whenever…

  • Upstairs hallway (I have concrete plans for this!)
  • Replace upstairs baseboards (our mitre saw has been at the cottage, ha)
  • Quick updates in Félix’s room (some furniture will go to the cottage so it will be really bare.  But I was thinking of some yellow stripes on the walls?  We’ll see!)
    • We’re definitely not moving him to a big bed anytime soon.  He can stay my little baby forever, ha.
  • More plants/landscaping outside (I want to fill in the sidewalk gardens, plus we’ll see how they fared after winter)
  • Move big containers/compost plans
  • Asphalt the driveway?  We’re at the mercy of the ONLY contractor in our town.  We’ve been on the list for 2 summers now…
  • Maintain/keep everything else looking nice haha
  • OH and I already did some upstairs living room updates, I just have to finish the last part and share

Some of these were leftovers from the plans last year.  Others are nice-to-dos.  We’ll see what happens!

Other Plans for 2022

Travel.  Yep, I said it.  I know Omicron is rampant right now – but I’m crossing my fingers that COVID things will calm down.  I’m itching to go somewhere out of the country, and even applied for passports for the kids.  We have some trips thought out, but nothing booked yet.

Maintaining the rental apartment.  We just got new long-term tenants upstairs, so that’s one thing I can scratch off my list.  We rent the basement as an Airbnb, so I’m sometimes busy off and on with turnovers.

Although… I would really like to get the outside looking nice.  There are some things that could use a big overhaul.  But again, those are more summer/warm weather projects and we have the cottage to deal with… so…

Brother’s Bathroom.  Wayyyy back I updated my brother’s main floor powder room.  It’s held up great, and he wants me to do the same thing to his upstairs bathroom.  He used to have roommates, but doesn’t anymore, so it’s the perfect time.  Except that he just told me that demolition has begun on his (other) primary bathroom.  (Which I designed).

Oh, and if you didn’t know – my brother lives about 7 hours away.  So it’s either get a little bit done each time I drive by, or do a big blitz.  We shall see if/when this gets done…

Those are the big things on the horizon so far :)

(And no, I don’t think we’re going to do anything crazy like buy property and build another cottage this year… but you never know hahahahah).

plans for 2022 text overlay on closeup of modern dining room globe fixture

Blog-wise, I’m revamping my email newsletter for 2022.  So please sign-up here!  I’ll be sharing some off-blog challenges/prompts throughout the year.  And I’m planning on sharing my monthly updates there too.

I also have other blog goals/plans for 2022 – but I’ll keep those to myself :)  Gotta have some mystery, right!?

So, tell me – what are your home plans for 2022?  Any resolutions?  Goals or things you want to accomplish?  Let me know!

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  • Reply
    Annette M Leroux
    December 28, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    another busy year for you coming up. I’m sure you’ll get the entire list done.
    I completely gutted and renovated my bathroom ensuite this year. I am so pleased with it.
    2022 is replacing the old furnace and installing a new air conditioning unit. I’m also looking at replacing the wood burning fireplace with a sleek gas model. Of course that entails resurfacing the wall with some nifty tiles and while I’m at it, I should get rid of the wet bar located next to it and build in shelves, remove the sink and water lines. Oh and new wall scones.
    2023 will be the fireplace if I don’t get to it this year and switch out all lighting in the house.
    Like you I will be at this for a long time.
    Happy new year!

    • Reply
      December 29, 2021 at 1:45 pm

      Happy New Year! I remember when we moved into this house, I wanted to replace all the light fixtures right away. Turns out, they can really add up in cost! So, we’ve been doing them slowly as we renovate each room. Good luck!

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