A Blue + Pink Christmas Tree

Looking for a non-traditional blue and pink Christmas tree colour scheme? This whimsical tree design is perfectly setup for a new baby :)

blie and pink christmas decor

We went with a non-traditional Christmas tree colour scheme this year, and it couldn’t have turned out more fun!  In preparation for our upcoming baby, I went a little whimsical and did a blue and pink Christmas tree.  We didn’t find out the gender of this baby, and with baby’s due date at the end of November… I figured it made sense :)

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I love switching up our Christmas tree colour scheme each year.  You can see our traditional silver and gold tree, the jewel-toned Christmas tree, the silver and blue tree, and the red, gold, silver and copper tree.

blue and pink christmas tree decor

Last week I shared the simple steps for decorating a Christmas tree, and I had a few sneak peeks at how the tree was going to look this year.

Here it is:

blue and pink baby tree

I added a lot more garlands (this time, crepe streamers) than I normally would.

new baby tree

We didn’t have that many blue and pink Christmas ball ornaments, so I had to bring in more colour somehow!

pink and blue christmas tree

The streamers were actually leftover from my pink and blue baby shower, so I didn’t have to purchase anything for this tree :)

pink and blue christmas decor

A couple of the balls also broke during setup (don’t buy glass ornaments when you have little ones!).  So it’s a good thing I had the streamers :)

blue and pink christmas

I layered the blue streamer in between the silver tinsel garland and the white feather boa garland.  The Husband didn’t like the pink streamer because it had a pattern, but the toddler thought we should put it in.

whimsical christmas tree

I think it works because the pink balls are a lot brighter/bolder, so it creates a bit more harmony between the two colours.

pink and blue holiday decor

I’ve used crepe streamers in the past (a black one in the first tree I shared on the blog), so I’m not too worried it will get hot and burn/melt.

blue and pink decor

Either way, we only turn on the tree for a few hours each night and turn it off before we go to bed.

pink and blue tree decor

Actually, the toddler gets upset if the tree is on when there is sun out still…

blue and pink christmas decor

If you caught the post last week about decorating a Christmas tree, you would have seen our location setup this year ahead of time.

christmas tree setup in living room

We brought the red chair that was in the corner to the rental renovation bedroom (for future baby nursing).  I then moved the other couch over to the corner and put the tree in its place.  You can check out the living room setup here, but after the New Year we’ll probably be switching things up again.

handprint ornaments wedding photo ornament

Not sure if you noticed, but most of the earlier photos I shared of our tree just had the blue and pink decor.

pink and blue tree

I added our final “sentimental” ornaments at the end, but everything has since been moved of course because the littles love the tree!  (So just picture everything on the lower portion in a slightly different area, ha!).

blue and pink christmas tree design

I hope you enjoyed these photos of our blue and pink Christmas tree!  It’s perfectly set up for our new baby, and I’m sure the little one will enjoy knowing they inspired the design :)

Oh, and if you’re wondering about our timeline – I had the tree done extra early this year (think, mid-November).  Then I scheduled the post to go up now (early December).  Baby’s due date was November 28th, so I didn’t want to rush anything!

Next week I’ll be sharing our pink and blue mantel design… and then… news about the little bundle!

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