Our Blue and Pink Mantel

How to easily decorate a blue and pink mantel, set up perfectly for a new baby! Go non-traditional this Christmas with a bright and bold colour scheme.

blue and pink mantel

Last week I shared images of our blue and pink Christmas tree and this week I have a matching blue and pink mantel!  It definitely was easier to match both (less thinking on my part!) and I figured it would be fun to do something non-traditional.  Let’s check out the photos!

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(Oh, and just a reminder that I decorated our tree and mantel extra early this year.  Since the new baby was due November 28th, I pre-scheduled the posts so I didn’t have to worry).

Before we dive in, you can check out the transformation of our fireplace brick area.  We originally had a red brick (and wood-panelled basement) but I painted everything a couple of years back.

blue and pink baby mantel

I kept the brass fireplace surround and normally have some more brass things up to tie into the theme.

blue and pink baby mantel decor

I took our plates down and moved the plant holder so I could decorate this blue and pink baby mantel.

baby blue and pink mantel

Essentially, I just went around the house and gathered all the blue and pink decor I had.

bright mantel decor

The pink vase was a wedding gift, the blue platter I bought a few years ago for our silver and blue mantel decor.

white pompom garland

To add another element of fun (and tie into our new nursery I suppose), I made a white pompom garland similar to the pompom baby mobile.  Our clear deer had to make the usual appearance (it’s Christmas time after all!).

blue and pink decor

Oh?  And the pink “Shine Bright” canvas?  It was actually a bag that I received at Blog Podium a few years ago (and dyed pink).  It’s normally sitting nearby above my desk.

pink and blue mantel decor

Also (sort of) from Blog Podium?  The blue and white DIY stocking holders I made.  They actually match the blue and pink mantel theme this year, so that’s fun!

pink and blue mantel

I didn’t have too much pink and blue items around my house, so you’ll notice I stuffed some tissue paper into a clear vase to bring in more colour.

pink and blue baby mantel

And of course, went crazy stringing silver tinsel garland and the same blue crepe garland and pink crepe garland as our blue and pink tree.

nativity scene

The brass plant holder is seating nearby, and I set up our nativity scene in the hole area next to the mantel.  (Although I swapped their positions because I worried the plants would get a cool breeze from the window).

white bricks with pink and blue mantel

Isn’t it just the craziest non-traditional Christmas mantel you’ve ever seen!?  Would you ever decorate for Christmas in such bright and bold colours, or stick to something more red and green?

(PS: we’ve also done a blue and silver mantel, a mixed metal mantel and a greenery and silver mantel).

bright red stockings

And here’s what the mantel looks like once I added our stockings.  But then I realized that I was missing one for the new baby… THEN I realized I was missing TWO for our children (or actually 3 if you include the dog).

So I went on an online hunt for some more plain-looking stockings.  I actually bought this set of six in grey (*no longer available – linked similar), but I don’t know if they’ll get here in time.  I wanted something cheap – I’ll let you know how they turn out!

blue and pink baby christmas mantel

Our blue and pink mantel is decorated perfectly for our new little pre-Christmas baby, and I like how fun it is!  It was definitely a non-traditional route to take, but it adds a lot of fun to our basement.  And, considering our mantel looks the same 90% of the year, you have to have fun the other 10% of the time!

And I realize it’s almost mid-December, which means that baby should definitely be here by now!  Hopefully will get an intro to baby post up next week :)

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