Current Home

Welcome to our current home, located in Northern Ontario, Canada.  We moved in August 2012 and have been busy renovating the inside and out since!  Check out some of the complete projects below.



The Bathroom


Renovation Started: October 2012
Before/During Photos: DIY Bathroom Renovation Before
Renovation Complete: December 2012
More After Photos: DIY Bathroom Renovation After

Master Bedroom


More Photos: Summer Home Tour // Master Bedroom Tour (Original)

The Pink Room – AKA Guest Bedroom

what was once an office is now a simple guest bedroom (with a surprising accent wall in pink!). I like to call it a simple guest bedroom, because really - all there is to it is a bed, nightstand, and your basic necessities. No cool theme, no rhyme or reason to how it is decorated... just a little place for guests to come spend the night.

More Photos: Simple Guest Bedroom // The Pink Room (Original)

The Blue Room – AKA Nursery


More Photos: Neutral Nursery // The Blue Room (original)

Main Floor




Renovation Started: July 2014
Renovation Mostly Done: September 2014
100% Complete: May 2015
More Photos: DIY Kitchen Reveal

Living/Dining Room

living-09 living-10

More Photos: Living/Dining Room Tour



Basement Half-Bathroom

Today I am sharing the pictures of our basement half bathroom addition that we completed during the Spring 2016 One Room Challenge.

Renovation Started: April 2016
Renovation Mostly Done: May 2016
More Photos: Basement Half-Bathroom Reveal (Week 6)
* This bathroom was completed as part of the Spring 2016 One Room Challenge.  See the Setup / Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5

Basement Living Room

My basement is definitely "country". Think plaid and dark wood paneling, and that pretty much describes this space. You know what style I am not? Country! But, let's look at pictures of the basement anyways, along with my lovely little comments of issues I would change...

More Photos: Country Basement Tour

Laundry Room

Our unfinished laundry room is dark, dingy, cobweb-y and rough... but every place needs a starting point - at least it's functional :)

More Photos: Unfinished Laundry Room Tour


Front Yard


More Photos: DIY Concrete Walkway

Front/Side Yard

Can you believe this area was just grass and a chain link fence before? Here is the story of how we finished our side yard landscaping :)

More Photos: Side Yard Landscaping


It seems like updating the backyard is a never ending task. Here’s an overview of all the garden and outdoor DIY projects we worked on this summer!

More Photos: Backyard Work Completed in 2015



More Photos: Organizing the Garage  // Replacing the Garage Door