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Final Home Tour of our First House

A video walkthrough from before the listing, and photos of all the empty rooms at the time of closing. Welcome to the final home tour of our first house!

final home tour exterior

We’ve been officially out of our main house for a month now.  Because we did things a bit differently and bought this house before we sold, we had been slowly moving our stuff for a while.  Nevertheless, this is such a bittersweet post to write – the final home tour of our first house!

I did a video walkthrough (scroll down to see it, or go watch it here) of how our house was set up when we listed it.  As we moved furniture over, things slowly shifted (mostly the bedrooms).

I believe the photos were taken the day before and of our closing.  Essentially, what the rooms look like when they’re empty!

70s side-split brick house

Starting with the exterior, last year I removed our dogwood and planted a small evergreen in its place.

side-split house front porch

When we listed in the Spring, the plants (and grass) were still dead looking.  Thankfully, they had started filling in nicely, so we quickly weeded and added more mulch.

striped accent wall

Starting in the living room, we had just added our last stripe to the accent wall after completing the yellow nursery.

empty living room

I swapped most of the curtains, but otherwise, everything looks the same (minus our furniture).

side-split kitchen dining room

We sold a lot of furniture (including all our sofas, dining set and desks).  We couldn’t find a buyer for the stools in time, so we left them with the house.

side-split staircase

Don’t worry, I brought Mr. Félix with me, ha!

Upstairs Tour

board and batten hallway

I tried to touch up all the paint around the house so that it was nice and fresh.  (For both the real estate showings and the new buyers).

You can see that I left some things in the closet (like special lightbulbs, info, whatever).  Check out my list of things to keep when you sell your house.

yellow bedroom with grey wainscoting

The last room we updated before we moved was the not-so-neutral nursery.

teal bedroom with gray wainsoting

And of course, the teal nursery (that became the combo kids room) will probably be one of my favourites!

main bathroom

Our orange bathroom also remained unchanged since we renovated it.  (The first room we ever tackled!).

purple bedroom

Our room got a minor refresh last spring.  For a few of the listings, we moved our bed to the other wall (instead of under the window).  It makes the room look so much bigger that way.

Basement Tour


The basement probably underwent the biggest transformation of them all.  It used to be such a dark and dated space until we painted the panelling and the brick fireplace.

side-split basement entry

Other big changes also included adding a half-bathroom from unused space.  And of course, building our saloon-style baby gates (that we kept with the house).

unfinished laundry room

The laundry room remains the last un-touched space in the house.  If we hadn’t sold our house at this time, I would have probably done a quick/cheap makeover instead of doing our new master bedroom.  Think, painted floors, easy install wall panels, maybe a drop ceiling?

cleared out crawlspace

Our crawlspace also didn’t change at all.  Other than removing all our stuff and giving it a good vacuum.

final home tour graphic

Outdoor Photos

Alright, there are going to be a lot of outdoor photos!  The last night I spent at the house, we had crazy dark skies with a sunset.  Then rain and a rainbow – so I went a little overboard.

side yard with fence

We had a few dump runs to do the clear out some of the junk stuff we accumulated.  (Thank goodness the landfills re-opened just in time!)

big backyard

I’m going to miss the yard the most.  At 100×150, it was twice as large as traditional city lots.

deck off of house

Especially now that the kids are getting older (ie: playing outside all. the. time.)

backyard with shed

By comparison, our current yard is 55×120, so it’s like half the size.  But, it’s also shaped differently, so we don’t have nearly as much open space.  (I’ll share more photos/details next week).

ground level raised deck

We sold the riding lawnmower to the new owners, they’ll definitely use it!

wood gate with trees

Technically the photo above is mostly overgrown weeds, but it’s also showing off the custom gate we built.  Truth time, I don’t think we ever used it!

back of split-level house

I mean, look how lush and green our yard looks?  It didn’t look nearly as good in the listing photos (or for the majority of the showings).

side-split back view

Goes to show you what just a few weeks will do.

shed with raised gardens

I hope the new owners will take advantage of the raised garden beds we built.

back of shed

And maybe add siding to the back of the shed?

raised garden and rainbow

Not sure if they were able to plant anything.  But we did have some strawberries that came up each year.

back of side-split house

I think the photo above is my favourite of the back of the house!

That sunset lighting is *muah* (aka kissing noise with fingers near mouth).

final home tour backyard

If you think this is too many photos… just imagine how many I didn’t include!  (PS: we planted the little tree you can just barely make out to the right of the shed).

backyard patio table

The new owners also took the patio table set.  I hope they love this yard as much as we did.  (But also, more!)

house with rainbow

And we’ll just leave this last photo with the double rainbow :)

Video Walkthrough (Before Listing)

I know those were a lot of photos, but I also have the video walkthrough that shows what the house looked like with our stuff.

Okay, so I literally just noticed the difference in siding colour behind our BBQ storage rack.  I think the weird deck cut-out (and that siding spot) used to be an exterior door!  AND that’s probably why there was a pantry in the kitchen (that we removed).

Hunh… you think you know a house!

Anyways, I hope this final home tour of our first house gave you a good overview of how everything looked before we moved.  And of course, if you never watched our other video tour, now you’re caught up with the layout.

The plan is to do them more regularly with this house, ha!

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