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New Master Bedroom Plans

These new master bedroom plans are bold and colourful! Check out the before photos and read about the project we’re doing for the Spring One Room Challenge.

master bedroom mockup plans

We’re starting our first makeover at the new house!  For the last few weeks, I’ve been hinting at which space we’d tackle for the One Room Challenge.  Let me introduce you do our new master bedroom plans, and give a quick overview of what I’ll be sharing the next little while.

Alrighty, so before I dive into all the details of the One Room Challenge and the plans I have, let me introduce myself/our new house.  If you’re just visiting the Madness and Method Blog for the first time, welcome!  My name is Nicole and I live in Northern Ontario Canada.  Yes, I’ve still seen some snow in random piles… but thankfully it’s all gone from our yard(s).

We have a 3 kids: the oldest is turning 4 in June (the second just turned two, and our youngest just turned 5 months).

As of right now, we own 3 houses.  Our main house just went up for sale, and you’ll find a lot of my blog content featuring that home.  A couple of years ago we purchased a second home that we call the rental renovation.  We rent out the upstairs and live in the basement apartment part-time/AirBnb it too.  And, we recently purchased our newest/third home, which will become our main home as soon as we finish moving in.

You may be wondering, did you plan to buy a new house in time for the next round of the One Room Challenge?  Yes… yes I did…


One Room Challenge Background

For those who aren’t familiar, the One Room Challenge is a twice-yearly design event.  20 featured designers and lots of home bloggers makeover one room and share the progress online.  It’s usually a six-week event (and normally begins in April), but this year it was delayed because of COVID.  Oh, and it’s a whopping 8-weeks!

Think I got a head start this round?  Nope!  We just spent our first weekend at the new house, and we’re still very much in the process of moving.  Even so, I think the room will come together great, and at this point I’m not sweating at all.

(I had ordered like 90% of my stuff at the end of March right when the shut-downs started happening here).

Anyways, here’s my past history with the ORC:

And you can browse this tag on my blog for all the One Room Challenge blog posts if you’re looking for something particular.

Okay, enough rambling – let’s get to the photos!

New Master Bedroom Before Pictures

Yes, I did some small updates to our other two master bedrooms just one year ago…

But, I’ve been planning our newest bedroom since December.  Even before we started looking at houses!

master bedroom closet and door

The photo above shows what it looks like when we took possession in March.  There are more photos and a video tour here if you want to check it out.

removing baseboards and doors

We wasted no time ripping things out!  The Husband was actually excited to get working on the house ASAP and wondered why I didn’t have everything ready to go.  (This was like the first weekend of social distancing, and he was not taking it well!).

empty master bedroom

There was no flooring in the living area of our house, and I knew I wanted to take out the laminate from the bedrooms too.  Eventually the whole main floor will all be the same flooring (we left the kitchen and bathroom as-is for now).  It was super quick to take out the laminate and get the room ready.

master bedroom before makeover

This room is around 10×12 and is smaller than our current master bedroom.  Even so, it should be the perfect size for what we need.

small open master closet

One of the main things I wanted in a new bedroom/house was organized storage.  I think I designed the closet to maximize the space, and I’ll be sharing a breakdown of that in the next few weeks.

Ready to see where we’re headed?

New Master Bedroom Plans

master bedroom mockup

Okay, so purple is my favourite colour… and I couldn’t not do a purple bedroom.  I also wanted to add trim to create a wall treatment, and decided on a simple square pattern.  The headboard wall will be all purple, and the rest of the walls will have the top 1/3 covered in wallpaper.

master bedroom moodboard

It’s definitely a bold choice, but it’s what I like :)  I saw and fell in love with that wallpaper way back when I was looking for this dresser makeover.  The Husband?  Apparently he said he didn’t like the wallpaper… after it was already ordered and arrived.  (And this was after I showed him this moodboard and mockup like months before).

I’m re-using the curtains from our newest nursery, the nighstands I built last year, and will be re-potting my snake plant.  Other than the lamp (and our clothes), everything else will be new.  Oh, and the same mattress and sheets… but you can’t really tell, ha.

Here’s where we are now:

current state of master bedroom

The new floors are installed, baseboards are mostly cut but not installed, and the dressers are in place.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be installing the mouldings, painting the walls, adding wallpaper, organizing the closet, building closet doors, and doing other updates to the space.  I’ll also chat about how and why I made some of the design decisions, so stay tuned for that.

(In addition to moving the rest of our stuff over, and trying to sell our main house – no big deal!).

I hope you’ll follow along AND if you’re also tackling a room this round, let me know!  If not, you can still check out the featured designers and linking bloggers here.

Wish us luck :)

(Oh, and I’ll have a dedicated One Room Challenge story section on Instagram if you wanted to follow there too).

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  • Reply
    Annette Leroux
    May 7, 2020 at 7:30 pm

    ooh, I’m looing forward to the completion of this room.

    I recently updated my master bedroom (18’x12′). I removed an old green coloured carpet and installed ‘acacia’ hardwood flooring and painted the room a lilac colour. I took the walk-in closet bi-fold door off and prefer the open look.

    What colour curtains are you installing?

    good luck with this ORC!!

    • Reply
      May 12, 2020 at 2:03 pm

      We’re doing teal curtains (swapping them from the nursery we did last ORC). I really like them and they matched the wallpaper colour perfectly :)

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